Dr Oz: Inverted Nipples & Breast Cancer & Testicular Cancer Self-Exam


Dr Oz: Inverted Nipples & Breast Cancer

I hope have kept a box of tissues handy because this has been a powerful and emotional lifesaving hour on the Dr. Oz show. He has shared information that could save your life or the life of someone that you love with colonoscopy screening recommendations and stroke warning signs. Doctor Oz also wants every woman armed with information regarding female heart attacks and the unique symptoms they should not ignore.

Dr Oz: Struggling with Infertility

Two years ago Dr. Oz met a couple, Amy and Brian, who were struggling to have a child. They had tried everything, but were beginning to fear they may never be able to have a family. Dr. Oz helped with some important tests to determine what could be causing the challenges they were facing while trying to conceive a child.

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