Dr Oz: Life Span Moisture Level & Does Puffy Face = Thyroid Condition?


Dr Oz: Can Your Body’s Moisture Level Heal Cancer?

Dr. Oz and John Kortum discussed John’s technique known as Intuitive Perception, which he says everyone can use to diagnose and heal the people in their life. Could it be more accurate than traditional medical testing? Do you think it is right for you?

Dr Oz: Does a Puffy Face Mean You Have a Thyroid Condition?

Medical intuitive John Kortum believes we can use our own senses to detect and heal health problems in our bodies. He told Dr. Oz that he uses his sight to perceive textures and physical changes, which he says is like touching a person with your eyes. John added that you can learn how to perceive textures in other people too, which will give you information about the health of their organs. Dr. Oz put John’s skills to the test with images of three different women, two of whom have thyroid issues. Dr. Oz asked him to assess the women with his visual perception technique and figure out which one does not have a problem with her thyroid. John accurately chose the two women who have a thyroid condition by looking at their cheeks as if they were sponges with a bit of a puffy appearance.

Dr Oz: Signs In Your Face That Signal a Breast Condition

The next group of photos Dr. Oz challenged John Kortum to diagnose included three different women, two of whom have a breast condition while one of them did not. Again, John made an accurate assessment. He explained that when he looked at the women’s faces he perceived something similar to string cheese hanging from their cheeks, which helps him to determine a condition in their breasts.

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