Dr. Oz: Melissa Etheridge Cancer Diagnosis & This Is M.E. Album Review


Dr. Oz: Melissa Etheridge Cancer Survivor

Melissa Etheridge is a music superstar, a mother, a wife, and a cancer survivor. She’s made a career out of trailblazing moments. 21 years ago, Melissa Etheridge came out as a gay woman at an inaugural ball for President Bill Clinton, long before it was accepted in show business. A decade later, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she made another dramatic and historic appearance at the Grammys, bald from chemo and belting out a powerful rendition of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.”


  1. Inge Formenti says

    Well who died and made her b—- queen to judge whether a BMX is cowardly or not? Anybody who judges somebody else’s cancer choices just wasn’t raised right. I’m18 month flat survivor, and my choice was right for me. Thank goodness I never was a fan…

  2. says

    ***“I’m not here to criticize anyone’s choices. I just wouldn’t myself call that a courageous choice,” she said.** Classic fake-out: saying she is not criticizing and then using judgmental language. Why should she even be offering her opinion on this anyway? Is she a doctor in her spare time? Who is she to be defining courage or advocating it? Other women’s’ feelings in the face of LIFE-THREATENING ILLNESS are none of her business. Not to mention that her mention of their lack of courage is a projection; she cannot know. So, Melissa . . . what are *you* afraid of? Why not address that rather than projecting onto others?

    Headline says it all:
    “Dr. Oz: Melissa Etheridge Cancer Diagnosis & This Is M.E. Album Review”
    Brea$t Can$er

  3. Kelly V says

    She needs to keep her mouth centered around the choices she makes about HER health with HER doctor and HERSELF. Everyone is different, every breast cancer diagnosis is different. Did you know there are many types of breast cancer, tumour grade, prognosis??? I had a lumpectomy 21 years ago at 27 and radiation. I’m now diagnosed with a highly aggressive tumour, had a bilateral mastectomy (no, not out of fear, but MEDICAL reasons) and now going through chemo. This is a serious disease and one a singer will not tell me how to treat. She is not an inspiration to me at all. She is a disgrace.

  4. Angela says

    I am dumbfounded why an apparently intelligent woman would make such a unintelligent comment. She had a lumpectomy? Well Ms. Etheridge, so did I. Three years ago to this very day. Had a total hysterectomy 8 mos. later and then had a recurrence of breast cancer 10 mos. after that. I had bilateral mastectomies. I am not BRCA. I work out 6 days a week. Eat healthy and take care of myself and still had a recurrence. But here is the main point that I want to drive home to you Ms. Etheridge, you failed breast cancer 101 my dear. The first thing you NEVER do is presume to judge another person’s cancer journey or choices in their treatment. Not EVER!! And the fact that you are in a position to share your opinion and judgmental comments with millions of people because you can is despicable and completely irresponsible of you. You have single-handedly alienated a lot of women (and men) with your irresponsible comments. I used to look up to you and think you were a class act…..now, you’re just another pathetic example of a celebrity who is clueless to their audience. I’ll never buy another record of yours. What a ego you have lady!! Be careful Ms. Etheridge. I thought I was going to be cancer-free too…..

  5. Elaine says

    So I must be an idiot for having a bmx. Despite the fact I had a high grade aggressive tumor, prior CHOP chemo at 29 along with multiple cat scans that could have been the cause of my breast cancer. Which would make it more likely to occur in the other breast. And it tested normal, but the pathology report showed close to turning precancerous. I made a logical decision to have a bmx, sparing myself a third trip down treatment row later. Thank God this idiot isn’t a health care professional. And why did Dr oz on his show? No respect for him either.

  6. Moe McCarthy says

    Melissa was asked a question and she honestly answered it
    I doubt she meant to upset anyone or try and make woman believe that she is some sort of Doctor
    This was her personal journey with Breast Cancer and the route she personally took to help herself both physically and mentally
    Everyone is different
    Life is too Short to make Nasty comments about a women who let’s face it has done some great things for women everywhere !!!!
    Her music is truly inspirational and she will always be
    ” The Queen Of Rock”
    Love you Melissa !!!!!

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