Dr Oz: Misdiagnosed Silent Reflux Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer


Dr Oz: Silent Reflux

Have you heard of Silent Reflux? It affects up to 50% of American women, but its symptoms are silent. That’s why you need to know the symptoms so you can ask the right questions and catch it before it becomes a deadly cancer.

Sandra told her story of strange symptoms and shocking discoveries. She thought that her persistent cough and trouble swallowing were just allergy symptoms, and doctors agreed there was nothing wrong with her. But as time went on, her symptoms got worse and she knew something wasn’t right.

Dr Oz: Reflux Esophagus Pain

Dr Oz: Misdiagnosed Silent Reflux Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer

Dr Oz explained the Silent Reflux symptoms that are often misdiagnosed but could lead to esophageal cancer if undetected & untreated.



  1. says

    I would like more information on how to help with the coughing, choking and horseness in my voice with the Barretts AND Silent Reflux……please help me becuase I’ve lost alot of weight and cannot enjoy the same foods I used to even with the medication I am on.
    thank you

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