Dr Oz: Montel Williams’ Daughter Diagnosed with Cancer — Hodgkins Lymphoma


Dr Oz: Montel Williams’ Daughter Diagnosed with Cancer

Montel Williams thought he ‘paid the price’ for his entire family when he battled his own disease, but nothing could prepare him for the shocking news that his daughter had cancer at the young age of 24. Montel sat down with his daughter and Dr. Oz to discuss their emotional and painful journey.

Dr Oz: How Montel Williams’ Daughter was Diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma

Dr Oz: Montel Williams' Daughter Diagnosed with Cancer — Hodgkins Lymphoma

Dr Oz sat down with Montel Williams and his daughter, Maressa, to discuss how they are getting through her diagnosis with Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer.



  1. priscilla kellebrew says

    I just found out I have hodgkins lymphoma and they are useing ABVD on me so I feel for you I am in stage 1

  2. says

    my mother had the same cancer that montels daughter has, she had it in the neck, in the armpits, and in the groin area, she was 31 when she was diagnosised,pg with my brother, told she had a year to live, she is now 89 years old. she went to palmer chiropractic and recieved adjustments, stayed there for 4 months, that is when my father became interested in chiropractic, and became one, she has been cancer free for all these years. when i was a baby i was born with a wry neck, wanted to do surgery on my neck but my grandfather, would sit beside my crib and rub my neck and pulled me out of the wry neck, also was allergic to the baby shots, had a reaction that gave me blood on the brain, which i had brain surgery, that left my left side parlysized.the doctors said that i would never walk or talk again i am 66 years old now and am the care taker of my mom who now has dementia. please let montel now that there is hope thru chirpractic. palmer in davenport iowa.

  3. says

    I had Hodgins Lympohma 28 years ago-treatments back then aren’t what they are today. I was Stage 3 – I had my spleen removed and had 9 mos of chemo. I’m healthy today and happy to write and say I’ve not had (thank you GOD) a reoccurance! You’ll be JUST FINE in no time at all. A dr. told me, if you’re going to get a ‘cancer’ – hodgkins is the best one to get!

  4. Lauren Makawi Maxton says

    My heart goes out to Montel Williams daughter. Two years ago I was in the prime of my life, and developed a questionable lump in my armpit. Though it was pea sized at the time, over the course of 4 months it grew in size. I developed a cough that wouldn’t go away, night sweats that would drench me and my bed each night off and on for months and then alas I developed a secondary small tumor on my neck. As if there wasn’t enough signs already… To make a long story short, my husband came home from a year long deployment and within one week I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. They discovered it via a biopsied lymph node on my neck which left me with residual pain and agony still to this day. Six days later I met with an incredible oncologist/hematologist at Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville, TN where I got a bone marrow biopsy and determined I was stage 3b; which was the highest stage next to stage 4 which simply meant the cancer was everywhere but not on my bones yet. Within 12 days of that I began ABVD chemo. The first couple treatments were not so terrible but by about the 3rd and 4th my hair started coming out by the handfuls. It was devistating. I felt so unattractive and for the first time realized I might not win this. At about 8 chemos in, I developed neutropenia. It meant that my immune system was so depleted from this intense chemo that I couldn’t stand up to any sort of infection so they basically placed me in a hospital where nurses and staff got suited up in sterilized clothing just to come in the door to my hospital room. The people that stuck by me I would have never pictured and the people who I loved so dearly surprised me even more by withdrawing from me since I was no longer visibly the same, their love ran dry. I wish I could say my life returned to normal after my fight and win with lymphoma, but i’d be lying. No one is ever the same. You can’t go through that much and ever see things through the same set of rose colored glasses especially when those all around you have no clue why you aren’t the same. I equivocate it to going off to war. You endure stuff you never thought you could and then people wonder why you have PTSD and anxiety but never use to. There is a beautiful life waiting for me on the other side.. Once I finally let go and grab the other end of this two year long bridge that gets buried because of the non stop histeria of that era. On the bright side, I take risks today I would have never taken before. I still love to leave at a moments notice and go off to a far away land. Sometimes I just miss life before the scars.

  5. says

    I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in July of this year – I was 29 at the time and celebrated my 30th birthday one week before I started chemo. I am amazed and saddened at how many young people are diagnosed with cancer every year. It’s something no one should have to go through, but especially not young people. I wish Maressa (and all those effected by cancer) the best of luck in her treatments. Chemo sucks (bad), but she’ll get through it!

    I’m happy to say I’m now in remission! I will have 10-15 radiation treatments (starting next week) just to make sure all the cancer cells are gone, but I’m in the home stretch!! I found blogging about my experience extremely helpful and encourage anyone going through this to consider doing the same. It’s a great way to keep friends and family informed (so you’re not telling the same information over and over) and it’s also very therapeutic to be able to organize your thoughts and express them.

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