Dr. Oz New At-Home Test for Colon Cancer Prevention & Cologuard Review


Dr. Oz: Cologuard Review

Dr. Oz talked about a brand new test that can prevent colon cancer called Cologuard. This is a critical new test, because if detected early, 90 percent of people with colon cancer are cured. But when left undetected, the chance of surviving drops to 10 percent.

The new test lets people take stool samples at home and then mail them in for analysis of colon cancer risk. The new test is pain-free, highly accurate, and will help doctors reach the one in three Americans ages 50 to 75 who never get screened.

Dr. Oz: How At-Home Stool Samples Are Collected

Dr. Oz New At-Home Test for Colon Cancer Prevention & Cologuard Review

Dr. Oz talked about a new at-home test for colon cancer called Cologuard and discussed the importance of early screening. (megainarmy / Shutterstock.com)



  1. R Rumpel says

    What is so new about this test?
    – we have been using this type of test for at least 10 yrs & it is included in the Cancer Ontario program to catch colon cancer early.
    every one is given a free test kit when they have their annual & we fill it, put it into a special mailer & drop in the mail or at the doctor’s office.
    Couple of weeks later, we get a report – also the MD gets a copy for follow up.
    I guess the Ontario [Canada] program has been so successful, that companies are picking it up in the USA.

  2. Raymond Teasdale says

    This test is not available in Canada even though it is approved by the FDA. It test the DNA for signs of Cancer which is different than the test used in Ontario which tests for blood antibodies. The Rumple is wrong when he says we have this test in Ontario.

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