Dr Oz: Peaches Reduce Breast Cancer Risk & Oolong Tea Cancer Fighter


Dr Oz: How to Reduce Your Risk for Liver Cancer

Today is the day you cut your cancer risk in half and stop it before it even has a chance to start because Dr. Oz has three natural breakthroughs and they might already be in your kitchen right now! Cancer is the disease we all fear most and that is why Dr. Oz is eager to share these all-new solutions with you today.

Dr Oz: Oolong Tea Ovarian Cancer Risk

Dr Oz: Peaches Reduce Breast Cancer Risk & Oolong Tea Cancer Fighter

Dr Oz shares stunning new research that shows eating 2 servings of peaches per week reduces a woman’s risk for breast cancer by 40%!



  1. Kat says

    Would dried peaches also work. I would like to use my food dehydrator to make unsugared dried organic peaches.

  2. says

    Please research oolong tea on Web MD. Check drug interactions and side effects first. It’s not for everyone. The same with coffee. (because of the caffeine).
    That’s one thing that should be said to people when a diet or herb or supplement is shown on the show.

  3. Kdr says

    I’d like to read the actual research study, size of project, etc. Can you provide the source for the report?

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