Dr Oz: Peanut Butter Prevents Cancer & Greek Yogurt Cooking Substitute


Dr Oz: Eat Sunflower Seeds to Stop Cancer from Spreading

Dr. Oz says foods are the best way to fight cancer, but today he is not talking about just fruits and vegetables! He says there are two groups of foods he wants everyone to focus on in order to fight and prevent cancer.

Dr Oz: Peanut Butter Prevents Breast Problems in Women

Dr. Oz has talked about nut butters on his show in the past, but never in reference to their ability to fight cancer. He shared a recent study that showed girls age 9-15 who ate peanut butter just two times per week were 39% less likely to develop breast problems by the age of 30!


  1. Elizabeth Harris says

    Re: Yogurt Brownies~ If you like the texture of brownies- this is not the recipe for you. It’s more like a pudding cake(remember those?) consistency. The taste is a bit different, after all you’ve added a tart tasting substitute. Not sure it’s worth it… Don’t think I’ll be doing this one again.

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