Dr Oz: Poop Color and Your Health & Pancreatic Cancer Signs


Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer Signs

This is the Dr. Oz show you have all been waiting for because today is a Viewers Takeover and Dr. Oz is letting his fans pick everything for today’s episode! He already provided you with tips to boost your metabolism, but that is only the beginning! Check out what else you chose for this fun show!

Dr Oz: What Are the Signs of Constipation?

Dr. Oz chose his Assistant of the Day to help with the demonstration fans most wanted to see. It probably will not surprise you to hear that the majority voted for a poop demonstration. Dr. Oz’s fans must know just how much Dr. Oz loves this subject, right? He started by showing everyone a “Poop Chart” with various looking types of poop and then moved on to explaining the reason for each one.

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