Dr Oz Poop Color: White Poop Pancreatic Cancer & Liquid Poop Vs Pellet

By on November 9, 2012

Dr Oz: What Kind of Pooper Are You?

If there was ever a time you had an awkward question to ask, but were always too embarrassed, this is the show for you because Dr. Oz just might be answering your question today as part of his show, That’s Awkward: Questions You Would Never Ask Your Doctor. He has already answered some of the most shocking questions because nothing is off limits.

He has covered such awkward topics as breast sweat and he has shared many embarrassing stories from his viewers, including a very awkward one that included a Mom, her potty training son, and the fire department. Maybe you can relate to some of these brave souls who shared their stories or maybe you will just giggle at the thought of their embarrassing moments, but there is still more Dr. Oz wants to talk about and the next thing might just be the most awkward for a lot of people. Get the Dr Oz poop color guide.

Dr Oz: Pellet Poopers Need Fiber

Dr Oz Poop Color: White Poop Pancreatic Cancer & Liquid Poop Vs Pellet

Get the Dr Oz poop color guide to find out whether you are a perfect pooper and why you need to pay attention to your stool for clues about your health.

Dr. Oz has one simple question for you. How do you poop? Are you a pellet pooper or are you a purely liquid pooper or maybe you are a perfect pooper? Well, Dr. Oz was surprised with the answers he got when he asked people if they actually look before they flush because as he always says, what comes out of your body tells a lot about what is going on inside of your body.

Dr. Oz says that many people fall into the category of being what is called a pellet pooper. The name speaks for itself as a way of describing the type of poop. He says this is not ideal and he says there are some definite things you could be doing to improve the way you poop. One of the biggest problems is with people who hold in their poop because this could actually be worse for your body than if you just go to the bathroom. There are a few other signs of being a pellet pooper:

  • Constipation
  • Constant Straining
  • Lack of Fiber and Water in Diet

Dr Oz: Are You a Perfect Pooper?

This is the kind of pooper that Dr. Oz wants everyone to be. He says there are solutions to be on your way to becoming a perfect pooper.

  • S-shaped poop
  • Normal Digestive System
  • Good Diet

Dr Oz: Liquid Poop Irritable Bowel

Some people fall into the category of being purely liquid poopers because their digestive system is moving too darn fast, according to Dr. Oz. He says that if you having an issue with liquid bowel movements that lasts longer than a week, you may have an irritable bowel issue and you should your doctor.

  • Diarrhea
  • Need to Rehydrate

Dr Oz Poop Color: White Poop Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Oz says that looking at your poop is very important because it tells a lot about what is going on inside of your body. Not only is the type of poop important, but he also says the color is as well. While certain colors are pretty normal, there are some that concern Dr. Oz.

  • Brown – Brown is the most common color of poop is brown because the bile comes down and digests with the food over time.
  • Green – Green colored poop often means that the food is coming down a little too fast, but it can also be because of the color of the food you ate. Dr. Oz says you have to audit it yourself and pay attention to your body.
  • Yellow – Yellow poop can be related to gall bladder disease.
  • White – White poop means that no pigment was able to get into the poop and is common in people with Pancreatic Cancer, so Dr. Oz you should see your doctor right away if you have white colored poop.
  • Red stool – While beets can make your poop red, this color concerns Dr. Oz because he worries about bleeding in your lower intestine. Hemorrhoids can also be the cause of poop that is red.
  • Black – Black color in your poop is a sign of bleeding in your upper intestines, like a stomach ulcer. Dr. Oz says in this case your body digested the blood and came out looking really black and tarry looking with a strong odor.

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  1. What happens if your poop was white but returned to brown?

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