Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Cancer Link & Female Sleeping Pill Side Effects

By on February 12, 2013

Dr Oz Sleeping Pill Cancer Risks

Do you take sleeping pills before you go to bed at night? Do you know someone who takes sleeping pills? If so, Dr. Oz has breaking news that you cannot miss! He says that 1 in 4 people take medication to help them sleep, but those very pills could be killing you because an alarming study has shown they are linked to an increase risk of cancer, and even death! Dr. Oz has the information you need to know before you reach for your bottle of sleeping pills tonight!

Dr Oz: Sleeping Pills Cause Depression

Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Cancer Link & Female Sleeping Pill Side Effects

An alarming new study has found a sleeping pill cancer link. Dr Oz has the information you need to know before you take another pill!

Dr. Oz has important information regarding your prescription sleep aid that you cannot afford to miss. They are now being linked to cancer and death and the FDA has even cut the recommend dosage for women in half for certain sleeping pills. Dr. Michael Breus says that these recent findings are not surprising to him, but they are definitely alarming. He explained that one of the startling statistics, specific to women, is that their rate risk for cancer is increased by 3 ½ times just from taking 18 pills a year. Dr. Breus added there are several other concerns for people who take sleeping pills on a regular basis.

  • Depression
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Increased Acid Reflux
  • Immune Function & Infections

Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Cancer Risk Higher for Women

Dr. Janet Engle warned that even taking sleep aids in smaller doses can cause serious side effects. She said there are risks with any prescription medication, so you have to really careful about taking these types of medications appropriately because they are very potent drugs. Dr. Engle added that the risks are higher for women because they metabolize the pills more slowly than men, which means after even 8 hours of sleep they could be feeling drowsy and groggy.

Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Hangover

Dr. Michael Breus told Dr. Oz there are added risks involved when people are taking other prescription medication in addition to their sleeping pills. He said there have been cases of patients getting up in the morning and feeling so groggy they did not remember brushing their teeth or putting something on the stove to cook. In many cases, these same people are then driving their children to school while still feeling groggy from their sleeping pills. In many ways it is similar to having a hangover from drinking alcohol, but the alcohol is actually out of your system faster than the sleeping pill, according to Dr. Breus.

Dr Oz: Ambien Danger

Dr. Janet Engle explained there is a certain family of drugs that the FDA is most concerned about because they have powerful, somewhat hypnotic, effects on the body. They are those that include the drug Zolpidem, which is found in the following brands of sleep aids:

  • Ambien
  • Ambien CR
  • Edluar
  • Zolpimist

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Comments to Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Cancer Link & Female Sleeping Pill Side Effects

  1. Sheri Riebeling says:

    I have been on the fence for awhile with regards to your show. Today was the final straw. You only showed women that had negative side effects to Ambien. I believe that this is so unfair to the people that have been helped by this medication. All FDA approved medications list side effects – lets not forget about antibiotics. As a health professional, all I can say is that the side effects affect the few, not the bigger population. The positive effects of this medication and others in this classification were totally dismissed. Shame on you. Also, the woman that you interviewed regarding the buttock injections was clearly a simple person that few could relate to. Buttock injections, such as these, are not something that I would support, but I feel that you spoke down to most of your viewers. I also feel that you need to reconsider all of the “diet plans” that you talk about. If a person would try to do all of your suggestions, They would fail, in flames. So, I’m done. Good luck to you, but I think that you have lost true north.

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