Dr Oz: Soda & Type 2 Diabetes Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factors


Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer & Vitamin K

If you are a woman or have a woman in your life that you care about, the information from today’s Dr. Oz show, Your Biggest Cancer Risks: Dr Oz’s Biggest Solutions, is something you need to have and share because it could not only lower your risk for cancer, but it could also save your life. One of the most frightening cancers that Doctor Oz has already talked about is Ovarian Cancer. It is a scary cancer because it often diagnosed too late and that is why it is called The Silent Killer. While there are many risk factors for Ovarian Cancer, there are also many solutions, so Dr. Oz shared several easy steps you can take to possibly prevent Ovarian Cancer and even safe your life or the life of someone that you love.

Dr Oz Pancreatic Cancer Warning Signs

Dr Oz: Soda & Type 2 Diabetes Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factors

Dr. Sarah Thayer shared the shocking fact that drinking just 2 cans of soda per week can increase your risk for Pancreatic Cancer by up to 87%.

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