Dr Oz: Soy Reduces Breast Cancer Risk & Soy Thyroid Warning


Dr Oz: Soy Lowers Breast Cancer Death Rate

Dr. Oz and Dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick are setting the record straight on soy and whether it is healthy or dangerous. We have all heard information from both sides, but Dr. Oz and Kristin have the answers we have all been waiting to hear about this controversial plant-based protein.

Dr Oz: Soy Controversy – Is it Healthy or Dangerous?

Soy is probably one of those foods you have often wondered about where its safety is concerned, right? I know that I have been confused at times because of the mix of information regarding this controversial food, but Dr. Oz is ready to clear up the confusion for all of us. Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietician and member of Dr. Oz’s medical advisory board says that soy is absolutely good for you. She says that it is a great source of protein and fiber and offers many health benefits.

Dr Oz: Soy Urban Health Legend

Kristin Kirkpatrick says that while people are afraid of eating soy, the negative information is actually a bit of an urban health legend. She explains that this because when people hear that soy comes from plant estrogen, they automatically associate with the estrogen that is found in our bodies, but they are very different.

Dr Oz: Plant Estrogen vs Human Estrogen

Dr Oz: Soy Reduces Breast Cancer Risk & Soy Thyroid Warning

Dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick says that there is strong research to show that not only is soy good for you, but it will also lower your risk of breast cancer.



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    I have been told that the soy products sold in North America are harmful and can cause allergies and other problems because the soy used here has been so genetically modified. Is this true?

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