Dr Oz: Stomach Cancer Symptoms & Risk Factors


Dr Oz: Stomach Cancer – The Cancer That Is Eating You Alive

Stomach cancer has been called the silent killer that has come back with a vengeance.  Since 1960, the cases of stomach cancer have dropped, however, in 1993, this cancer has returned and is on the rise.  This increase has mystified the medical community, so much so, Dr Oz wants you to put it on your radar today!  Years ago, this condition used to be associated with older men who smoked and drank.  That is no longer the case.  Previously, stomach cancer was most prevalent in African and Latino Americans, but since the mid 90s, doctors have seen a steady increase in Caucasian women.

Dr Oz: Stomach Cancer Stories

Debbie, 44- years-old, had trouble swallowing.


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