Dr Oz: Sunscreen Causes Cancer? Benzophenone Sunscreen Risk


Doctor Oz: Is Sunscreen Dangerous?

We are used to hearing that we need to put on sunscreen to protect ourselves. But now Dr Oz says there are warnings out there suggesting that this product could be damaging to skin and health. Dr Arthur Perry was on Dr Oz’s show to talk about whether sunscreen causes cancer and what you need to know about the chemical Benzophenone, an endocrine disruptor.

Dr Oz: Sunscreen Causes Cancer? Endocrine Disruptors

Dr Oz: Sunscreen Causes Cancer? Benzophenone Sunscreen Risk

Dr Oz talked with experts about whether sunscreen causes cancer. Learn about the concern of the Benzophenone sunscreen risk due to endocrine disruptors.


  1. sheila says

    I cannot locate the list of the recommended sunscreens from the recent Dr. Oz show? Can someone help? thx

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