Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism & Sofia Vergara’s Thyroid Cancer


Dr Oz: What Is a Sluggish Thyroid?

If you have ever watched the show Modern Family, Sofia Vergara has most likely made you laugh on more than one occasion. She sat down with Dr. Oz April 18 2013 to talk about her surprising health struggles, including a cancer diagnosis at the age of 28!

Sofia Vergara: Body Image In Hollywood

Sofia Vergara told Dr. Oz as a woman coming from the Latin culture she was raised to believe the more you had, the better, so when she came to Hollywood and casting directors would tell the actress she should lose weight and get a breast reduction she was surprised. Sofia says she did not want to lose her appearance altogether, but admits to making a few healthy lifestyle changes with her diet and exercise, which led to weight loss and an overall improvement to her health.

Dr Oz: Sofia Vergara Having a Child At 40?

Sofia Vergara told Dr. Oz she struggled as a 20-year old single mother while trying to have a successful career, but she is very proud of the man her son has become. She is now engaged to be married and told Dr. Oz she froze some of her eggs a few years ago, so the couple is definitely considering the idea of having a child together even though she is 40-years-old.


  1. says

    Hypothyroidism symptoms mentioned in the post are some of the most common ones. There are some rare symptoms like
    Memory fog
    Weakness of muscles
    Elevated blood pressure
    Pain, stiffness or swelling of joints
    Slowed heart rate
    Changes in menstrual cycle
    Elevated blood cholesterol
    Sensitivity to cold.

    And why is this site written so badly???

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