Dr Oz: The Healing Power of Sound & What is Crystal Sonic Therapy?

By on July 15, 2013

Dr Oz: What is Crystal Sonic Therapy?

Can you imagine getting instant relaxation and stress relief just by hitting a few buttons on your computer keyboard? Well it is possible through something called Crystal Sonic Therapy and just involves putting on a pair of headphones, closing your eyes and listening to various sounds for several minutes at a time. Some supporters believe the benefits can be as powerful as taking prescription medication, but is it the solution for you?

Dr Oz: The Healing Power of Sound Dr Mitchell Gaynor

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, author of The Healing Power of Sound, believes sound has universal benefits for many people because it is not only preventative, but also therapeutic. Dr. Gaynor says the proper use of sound can literally help improve your mood, how you respond to pain and your ability to learn.

Dr Oz: The Power of Sound to Cure Cancer?

Crystal Sonic Therapy for Cancer Patients

Dr Mitchell Gaynor says Crystal Sonic Therapy is a tool he uses to treat cancer patients, with many finding more peace than ever before in their lives.

Dr. Gaynor says one of the most stressful days of a person’s life is their first visit with an oncologist after receiving a cancer diagnosis, so he tries to offer them several options to treat the disease and also lower their stress.

After he goes through all of the medical and nutritional recommendations, he gives them Crystal Sonic Therapy, which is meditation and imagery using specially composed sounds. Dr. Gaynor said that after about 15 minutes of the treatment many patients tell him it is the most calm and peaceful they have ever felt, which is especially remarkable on one of the most stressful days of their lives.

Dr Oz: How Does Crystal Sonic Therapy Work?

Dr. Oz explained that when you put on headphones during Crystal Sonic Therapy each ear is actually hearing a different sound from two different frequencies. Your brain then processes the sounds and cancels them both out, leaving one calming, softer frequency.

Dr. Gaynor says while drugs treat specific areas of the brain, Crystal Sonic Therapy actually creates a change throughout the entire brain and he has seen patients feel calmer and better overall even after the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Some patient have even told him their cancer diagnosis was the best thing that ever happened to them because it brought them to learn about this powerful sound therapy.

Dr Oz: Biosonic Machine Review

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor says that even if you are not able to visit a doctor who can provide you with Crystal Sonic Therapy, it is still pretty easily accessible. As long as you have a pair of headphones and either a computer, smartphone or iPad you can listen to sounds depending on what you need at the time. There is also a device called a Biosonic Machine that offers a similar benefit through the use of sound waves. Dr. Oz demonstrated the machine and he says the effect was quite powerful.

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  2. How does one get a copy of delta bliss and harmonic symphony?

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  4. Dr. Oz,

    I want that biosonic machine. Where do you get one?
    Wish you had more time with Nick Ortner and the tapping technique.
    Great show!

    Blessings, Toni

  5. Has the crystal sonic therapy been used with any success on children and adults with add or ADHD?

  6. please send address and phone number to order the crystal sonic therapy

  7. Please tell me where I can buy the Biosonic Machine to go along with the CD’s. Absolutely fantastic show. I, too , wish you could have had Nick Ortner on longer. Perhaps you could bring him back on. However, I need the info on the Biosonic Machine.
    Thank you,

  8. I bought the Change Your Mind and I love it, I listen to it a couple of times a day or before I go to sleep, it’s beautiful and I love the way it makes me feel, I’m buying the other two, Thank you for bringing this to our attention Dr Oz

  9. Both the Kita Biosonic Machine and the Crystal Sonic Cd’s can be purchase by calling Sharon at 215-860-2660 or 215-264-7228. Feel free to e-mail Sharon at Sharon@Acupuncture4all.com.

  10. LINA PASHA says:

    where can i get the crystal sonic therapy?

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    I’m interested in the Biosonic Machine that was used in your show. Please let me know where I could purchase it.

    Thank you

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    Iwould like to know the cost of biosonic machine and where to buy one if affordable.

  13. Shane Chunephisal says:

    You can also get crystal sonic therapy by attending sound bowl meditations that utilize crystal quartz singing bowls. I have my own set of singing bowls and perform meditation ceremonies that create these very specific tonal frequencies for relaxation and tranquility. If anyone is in the Los Angeles and would like to try it out, please message me. I love that crystal sonic therapy is reaching the mainstream of the world nowadays! It brings get warmth and love to my heart. Love, light, and vibrate!

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    How can I buy the bi sonic machine
    Raymond G

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    Where can you buy the biosonic machine? No one has answered this question yet?

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    Where can I buy crystal sonic therapy?

  17. where can i buy one one of the biosonic machines?

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