Dr. Oz: Is Thyroid Cancer Being Overdiagnosed? Radical New Proposal


Dr. Oz: Is Thyroid Cancer Being Overdiagnosed?

Dr. Oz talked to an endocrinologist named Dr. Florence Comite who believes most thyroid cancers should not be treated. Thyroid cancer has been on the rise over the past few decades, but Dr. Comite said this indicates overdiagnosis, not something more serious.

We now have technology that can detect very small lesions in the thyroid. This is why Dr. Comite argues there’s been so many diagnoses of this condition. Over time, nodules develop in the thyroid that can be solid or fluid-filled. One in three people have these nodules. Not all of them are problematic.



  1. jocelyn rivera says

    as a thyroid cancer patient the last thing I wanted to hear was that I had cancer. so to think that this whole emotional rollercoaster could have been avoided with simply leaving out the word cancer from my diagnosis and telling me that you could just “monitor” my lymph nodes to see if they go away.. maybe I would not have been so stressed about the situation , and caused so may tears to my parents. unfortunately just “monitoring” my nodules didn’t make them go away .. at the age of 20 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. 64 lymph nodes 28 of the cancerous .. all through out my neck down into the clavicle area . I’m thankful that I didn’t come across a doctor such as Dr. Florence, who would have just sent me home with the duty of “active surveillance”. who knows how much more my cancer could have spread.

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