IP-6 & Black Raspberry Supplements: Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Pills

By on May 25, 2012

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Supplements

On today’s Dr Oz Supplement Hour, Doctor Oz was joined by Naturopathic Doctor, Lindsey Duncan, to reveal the top cancer fighting supplements that include Ip-6, Black Raspberry Supplements and Vitamin D-3. Read on to find out if these supplements are for you.  If you have tried any of these cancer fighting pills, please leave a comment below to share your experience with everyone!  Plus, don’t forget to read about Dr Oz’s other supplement recommendations including a Miracle Appetite Suppressant and Belly Fat Supplements.

Dr Oz: IP-6 & Black Raspberry Supplements

Dr Oz's Cancer Fighting Supplements include IP-6 & Black Raspberry Pills.

Lindsey said these supplements are like a cancer fighter in a bottle. While taking these supplements may help stop cancer in its tracks, for the best results, Lindsey suggested combining these supplements with a good diet and exercise program.

Dr Oz: IP-6 Supplements

Lindsey said IP-6 is a supplement that should be everyone’s radar screen. IP-6 supplement helps to prevent colon, lung and even soft tissue cancer. IP-6 is found in natural foods like legumes and other beans. For best results, take 500 mg 2 x per day. When looking to purchase IP-6, Lindsey says to make sure the bottle states IP-6.

Dr Oz: Black Raspberry Supplements

Dr Oz admitted he had never even heard of black raspberry supplements. Lindsey said black raspberry supplements may help prevent esophageal and cervical cancer. Be sure to get it in a freeze-dried capsule. For best results, take 300 mg 2 x per day. One capsule is equal to 4 cups of black raspberries. This supplement contains micronutrients that are found in the color pigmentation of the raspberry. This is where all the healing nutrients are. Lindsey told Dr Oz that he took this every day.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D-3 Prevents Cancer

Lindsey says vitamin D-3 is something that should be in your diet anyway. Vitamin D-3 may help prevent cervical, breast and colorectal cancer. For maximum results, take 1,000 IU per day. Lindsey referred to vitamin D-3 as a triple threat, so be sure you have this in your diet every single day.

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Comments to IP-6 & Black Raspberry Supplements: Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Pills

  1. Susan Clark says:

    Be careful when taking IP-6 that you are not overdoing “blood thinning”. For example, if you take St John’s Wort, Fish Oil, and Asprin………IP-6 would be a bit much. It starts to break tiny capillaries on arms, face etc… Also IP-6 should not be taken at the same time as other supplements, and should be taken on an empty stomach.

  2. Thank you for covering this important topic! However, I would like to make your readers aware that in order to get one USDA serving of fruit, one must take 1/2 cup. That is equivalent to 40 black raspberries. That means in order to obtain an effective dose, a person needs to take 27 300mg black raspberry capsules! That is almost a bottle. We just wrote a blog post about it to spread awareness: http://www.blackraspberrybuzz.com/debunking-3-black-raspberry-capsule-myths/

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