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Dr. Oz: Update on Pastor Renee’s Emotional Eating Dr. Oz had an update on Pastor Renee, who was struggling with emotional eating until she came on Dr. Oz. She’s a fourth-generation pastor and the mom of two kids. Whenever something major happened in her life, good or bad, she ate bad food. She also said […]

Dr. Oz: JJ Virgin Sugar Free Diet Dr. Oz talked on his show today about ways to cut down sugar, talking to Sugar Impact Diet author JJ Virgin. Cutting down on sugar can make you slimmer, more energetic, and more focused. Dr. Oz: Seven Hidden Sources of Sugar JJ Virgin argues that there are seven hidden sources […]

Dr. Oz: Woman Breaks Addiction to Supplements Dr. Oz had an update on Jo Ann, who was taking 17 supplements a day. Dr. Oz intervened to help her out. Now, she’s kicked her supplement addiction. Jo Ann was a single working mom who wanted to keep her energy up with supplements and was afraid she […]

Dr. Oz: How to Prevent Heartburn Dr. Oz called down an Assistant of the Day to help him talk about ways to prevent heartburn. His assistant was Maritza, who was very excited to help him out, giving Dr. Oz a big hug. She was on the show with her cousins and her aunt. Maritza and […]

Dr. Oz: Importance of Vitamin D Dr. Oz said the number one thing that all of us should be getting more of is vitamin D. Vitamin D can prevent weight gain, dementia, diabetes, cancer, depression, memory loss, and heart disease. But three out of four Americans aren’t getting enough of it. The best source of […]

Dr. Oz: Relieve Gas Pain Dr. Oz called down an Assistant of the Day to talk about how to relieve gas pain. The woman he called down was named Jessica, who said she is very gassy all the time. She said her daughter would definitely agree she’s gassy. She said she has gas at work […]

Dr. Oz: Does Fruit Make Us Fat? Dr. Oz said that some are now saying the sugar in fruit may be doing more harm than good. It’s causing controversy among health experts. Fruits are packed with water, vitamins, and fiber. Some fruits have even been shown to cut the risk of heart disease by 40 […]

Dr. Oz: Robin Quivers Robin Quivers came by Dr. Oz to talk about her 70 pound weight loss and cancer journey. She’s best known for her appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Robin said the events of 9/11 woke her up and made her want to lose weight. She switched to a plant-based diet and it […]

Dr. Oz: Ayurvedic Diet & Eating For Your Body Type According to the ancient Ayurvedic diet, your body type holds the key to losing weight and remaining healthy. Dr. Oz talked to Dr. John Douillard, author of The 3-Season Diet, about the three different types of body. Each body type has different emotional, physical, and mental […]

Dr. Oz: Natural Solution for Congestion Dr. Oz talked about the 10-second solutions for colds on his show. Laura was the first one with a solution and she had a natural solution for a chest congestion. But when she was growing up in the 70s, she and her mom used a humidifier with eucalyptus oil […]

Dr. Oz: Mark Bittman Food Concerns Mark Bittman came by Dr. Oz to talk about his new book How to Cook Everything Fast. Mark Bittman has researched and tested thousands of recipes to find healthier recipes. He was able to lose 30 pounds follows his own rules. His rules are that you only eat real food and you […]

Dr. Oz: Lower Glycemic Index One in four Americans over the age of 20 has high blood sugar, putting them at risk for Diabetes. But Dr. Oz said we have the power to stop it before it starts. He had a plan to lower our glycemic index. His plan starts first thing in the morning […]

Dr. Oz: Artificial Sweetener Addiction Dr. Oz has been talking to Kristen, who has an artificial sweetener addiction. Now, he’s getting her help, talking to physician and nutritionist Dr. Joshua Axe, who unveiled a great plan for Kristen to follow. Dr. Oz: Selzer Water & Fruit Juice One of the key things Kristen enjoys is […]

Dr. Oz: Addicted to Artificial Sweeteners Dr. Oz talked to a woman named Kristen who is addicted to artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners seem like a great way to avoid calories while still enjoying some sweetness. But they can have a bad effect on our health. Kristen is a 44-year-old personal trainer and she’s addicted to […]

Dr. Oz: Eating for Your Personality Type Dr. Oz kicked his show off by talking about how we need to find our eating personality type. It turns out there’s three types of people when it comes to food. Dr. Mike Dow joined Dr. Oz to discuss this. Some people are extroverts and some are introverts. […]

Dr. Oz: Addicted to Pumpkins? Dr. Oz had some tips for people who are addicted to pumpkins. Dr. Oz talked to a woman who is a self-proclaimed Pumpkin-a-holic. She said she loved pumpkin everything all year long. She loved anything with pumpkin seasoning in it. Dr. Oz said his concern about products with pumpkin seasoning […]

Dr. Oz: Energy-Boosting Foods Dr. Oz talked about some great energy-boosting foods that can reboot your system and let you do all the things you want to do. He talked to Andrea, who has tried many of the common ways to gain more energy, including coffee, energy drinks, and chocolate. Dr. Oz said he didn’t […]

Dr. Oz: Stop Late-Night Cravings Dr. Oz talked to three women who struggle with late-night cravings. Their names were Gardenia, Crystal, and Sandy. Their families turned them into Dr. Oz asked for help. Gardenia’s husband told him she leaves crumbs in the bed. Gardenia said that said craves sweet things like chocolate, cookies, and cake. […]

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