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Dr. Oz: Bone Broth Benefits Dr. Oz talked about how to fight fatigue with bone broth. A restaurant called Brodo is serving up bone broth in New York City instead of coffee. People Dr. Oz talked to on the street said it gave them lots of energy. Broth is great for hair, skin, nails, and […]

Dr. Oz: Reprogram Your Taste Buds Dr. Oz talked about how we can reprogram our taste buds to love healthy foods. He talked to Dr. Mike Dow, who said he used to drink lots of soda and loved starchy foods like pasta. In order to eat healthy, he said, you need to reprogram your taste […]

Dr. Oz: Sneaky Ways to Eat Clean Dr. Oz talked to nutritionist Stephanie Sacks, author of What the Fork Are You Eating?, about sneaky ways to get more clean. Stephanie Sacks said clean eating is about being more mindful of what we’re eating, because many foods are full of artificial flavors, chemical preservatives, colors, and sweeteners. She […]

Dr. Oz: Al Roker Struggling with Weight Loss The Today Show’s Al Roker came by Dr. Oz to talk about his weight. He’s known as America’s Weatherman, but for years he’s struggled with his weight. At his heaviest, he weighed 340 pounds. More than a decade ago, he made headlines when he underwent gastric bypass surgery […]

Dr. Oz: Forgive Yourself for Health Mistakes You’ve Made Dr. Oz has been talking to Christine, who wishes she could have a health do-over. Luckily for her, Dr. Oz introduced her to Dr. Michael Roizen, who had a great plan for her to try to reverse her high blood pressure and diabetes and help her […]

Dr. Oz: Healthy Heart Kit Dr. Oz wanted to give everyone a perfect kit to help them keep their heart healthy. Four women in the audience held up briefcases with an item inside. The first woman’s case said “Tape Measure”. Tape measures can help us measure the circumference of our waist. The rule for a […]

Dr. Oz: Watching the Scale Dr. Oz has been talking to Maribel, who is obsessed with watching her scale and knowing her exact weight. Dr. Oz introduced her to expert Ted Spiker, who went through several years of bouncing up and down with his own weight. Dr. Oz: Defining Real Goals Dr. Oz asked Maribel […]

Dr. Oz: Late Night Snacking Dr. Oz has been talking to Tina, a woman who does everything to lose weight during the day, but struggles when nighttime falls and she wants a night snack. Dr. Oz introduced her to Dr. James Rosser, who has lost a lot of weight over the years and struggles with […]

Dr. Oz: Night Eating Dr. Oz talked on his show today about night eating. We can all follow a diet for most of the day, but there’s something about the night that makes us cheat. Tina has been a night eater for as long as she remembers. She tries to eat healthy throughout the day, […]

Dr. Oz: Salt Substitutes Dr. Oz talked to three women who were obsessed with salt. He wanted to help them out, so he had some great salt substitute dishes. Kristina has salt on everything, Michelle carries packets of salt in her purse, and Carina drinks pickle juice to satisfy her salt craving. First, there was […]

Dr. Oz: What Your Cravings Say About You Dr. Oz talked about what your food cravings say about you. He talked to expert Alexandra Jamieson, who said our cravings are there to tell us that there’s something going on with our bodies. Dr. Oz: Keep a Cravings Log Alexandra started by keeping a cravings log. […]

Dr. Oz: How to Fix Your Metabolism Dr. Oz talked with nutritionist Haylie Pomroy about why some people have difficulty losing weight, even when they eat all the right things and exercise appropriately. She said that inflammation, digestive issues, and hormones might be to blame for these issues. She had a  nutrition plan that she’s […]

Dr. Oz: Guilt Free Comfort Foods Dr. Oz shared some guilt free comfort foods from his Total Choice Weight Loss Plan. Alexis is a woman who loves comfort food. She’s been on the Total Choice plan and lost 12 pounds since Christmas. She said the hardest part about being on the diet was choosing comfort […]

Dr. Oz: Drinking Charcoal? Dr. Oz talked about the latest detox trend: Charcoal. It’s supposed to be an all-purpose detox that can reduce bloating and gas. But is this trend fact or fiction? Dr. Oz talked to Karen, who has been enticed by these claims. Karen drinks a protein drink every morning and takes it with […]

Dr. Oz: Dolvet Quince & Quinoa Benefits Dr. Oz talked to the fitness gurus to find out what they pack for their lunch. Dolvet Quince from The Biggest Loser said one of his favorite dishes to eat for lunch was warm salmon, cold quinoa, and some cranberries and scallions. He said he loves this dish and thinks […]

Dr. Oz: Sugar Substitute Bake-Off Dr. Oz asked some baking professionals to bake some delicious treats with Dr. Oz’s sugar substitutes. He had some people from the audience judging the treats. The three women chosen wore blindfolds and headphones. They couldn’t see or hear anything, so sometimes they talked during the segment out of turn. […]

Dr. Oz: Monica Seles Binge Eating Tennis star Monica Seles came by Dr. Oz to talk about her struggle with binge eating. Monica Seles came to fame when she was a teenager. At 16, she was the youngest player ever to win the French Open, a record that still stands today. At 17, she was […]

Dr. Oz: Dangers of Water Pills Dr. Oz talked about the dangers of water pills. Water pills are being used by millions of women who believe water pills will help them cut their physique, toning muscle, and shaping your body. They’re cheap and easy to get, but are they safe? You can get them at a […]

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