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Dr. Oz: Real Women’s Weight Loss Guide Diet Dr. Oz has been helping a mother of 15 kids named Jeri learn how to lose weight. Dr. Oz introduced her to bestselling author and nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, who has six kids of her own. Haylie Pomroy had a diet called the Real Women’s Weight Loss Guide. […]

Dr. Oz: Mother of 15 Wants to Lose Weight Dr. Oz talked to Jeri, a mother of 15 children, whose kids range in age from 10 to 37. She’s the grandmother of 14 children and 2 on the way. After all of those kids, she’s ready to reclaim her life and take control of her […]

Dr. Oz: Doctor Gains Weight Dr. John Ellis came by Dr. Oz’s show to talk about his weight loss journey. As a doctor, you would think Dr. Ellis knew how to eat. He was the youngest student in his medical school class and was on top of the world when he started medical school. But […]

Dr Oz: Healthy Weight Loss Most of us have a few extra pounds we’d like to get rid of. Dr Oz said he wanted to share advice that can help people achieve this goal in a healthy way. He discussed the best daily routine for consuming your calories and other nutrients. See if you could […]

Dr. Oz: Overcoming Sugar Addiction Dr. Oz talked on his show to Catarah and Shoneji, two best friends who own a bakery together and are also addicted to sugar. Both women made the commitment to quit sugar and Dr. Oz wanted to give them the support they needed. He asked nutritionist Dr. Joel Fuhrman to […]

Dr. Oz: Bakers Addicted To Sugar Dr. Oz talked to Catarah and Shoneji, two best friends who own a successful bakery together. Together, they make cakes, cookies, and treats, not only for their customers, but for themselves. But these two share more than a business. They’re also addicted to sugar. “We love sugar so much […]

Dr. Oz: Caroline & Lauren Manzo Dr. Oz talked to reality stars Caroline and Lauren Manzo, who came to talk about their struggles with their weight and their efforts to get healthy. The Real Housewives of New Jersey thrust them and their family into the spotlight and now they’re continuing their fame with Manzo’d With Children.  Lauren, in […]

Dr. Oz: Dairy Allergies Dr. Oz talked on his show about dairy allergies. For some people, drinking milk and eating yogurt can cause big time issues. Amanda said that her reactions to dairy are anything from her skin breaking out, rashes, severe abdominal pain, and headaches. Dr. Oz said that these symptoms are common in […]

Dr. Oz: Feel Full Longer & Eat Less Dr. Oz kicked off his show by talking about ways to feel full longer and eat less in order to lose weight. He talked to Dr. Brian Wansink, author of Slim by Design, who has dedicated his life to finding the secrets of skinny people. He and his team […]

Dr. Oz: Emotional Eating Dr. Oz has been talking to Pastor Rene, who struggles with emotional eating. Dr. Oz set her up with bestselling author Tory Johnson to help her learn how to overcome her emotional eating. So after years of yo-yo dieting, why is this time going to work? Rene said the doctor told […]

Dr. Oz: Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners Dr. Oz talked about new research that shows artificial sweeteners could be causing diabetes. Asparatame, Sucralose, and Saccharin are the chemicals in the blue, yellow, and pink packets, respectively. New research says America’s three most popular sugar substitute may also contribute to Diabetes. Researches found these sweeteners affect the […]

Dr. Oz: Shop at a Supermarket Like A Pro Dr. Oz welcomed Lisa Leake to the show, a mom who overhauled the food in her home and changed her family’s health. She did it by shopping at the supermarket “like a pro”. Lisa said her family had a huge wake-up call when they realized the […]

Dr. Oz: Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings Dr. Oz kicked off his show by talking about how we can shut down our sugar cravings. The average American eats 142 pounds of sugar a year. That’s 1,463 bottles of soda, 5,855 cookies, or 1,894 cups of chocolate ice cream. “Think of it this way. You’re eating […]

Dr. Oz: Are Restaurant Menus Tricking Us? Dr. Oz talked on his show about how restaurant menus are designed to coax us into ordering certain meals. Karen Page, author of Dining Out. came by Dr. Oz to talk about this troubling issue. She said there’s an industry called menu engineering that’s based on the principles of design […]

Dr. Oz: Haile Thomas Saves Father’s Life Haile Thomas is a 13-year-old chef who began cooking and looking for healthy alternatives when she was 7, after her father learned he had diabetes. Through her culinary techniques, she was able to reverse her father’s diabetes. He lost 30 pounds through her cooking. Today, Haile Thomas came by […]

Dr. Oz: What To Eat For Your Body Type Dr. Oz kicked off his show by talking about ways to eat for your body type. Different body types store fat in different ways, so it’s important to know what your body is doing when you want to lose weight. There’s two major body types: the […]

Dr. Oz: Stallman Family Update Dr. Oz has been hearing an update from the Stallman family, who made the decision to lose their weight together for their health. The Stallman family has just completed the 10 Day Detox diet, where they eliminated sugar, dairy, caffeine, wheat, and processed foods. Now, the family hears from their nutritionist […]

Dr. Oz: Stallman Family Diet Dr. Oz had an update on the Stallman family, who agreed to change their lives forever by losing weight together. The Stallman family has six members: the mom and dad and four kids. Dr. Oz asked them to detox for 10 days by cutting out all the bad stuff. Now, […]