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Dr. Oz: Slim Down for Summer Dr. Oz talked to nutritionist Keri Glassman about how to slim down for summer…and beyond! She said summer is the best time to jump start a healthy lifestyle because we’re all conscious of the way we look and our weight. It’s a good time to avoid crash diets and […]

Dr. Oz: Are Saturated Fats Healthy? Dr. Oz had a Fact or Fiction segment dedicated to fats. First up, are saturated fats healthy? The audience members were divided on this. It turns out that saturated fats are not good for you, but it can be confusing with all the studies constantly hitting the headlines. Beef, […]

Dr. Oz: Healthy Chinese Food Dr. Oz talked to Lisa Lillien, author of The Hungry Girl Diet Cookbook, about how to stay healthy eating out. First, when you go out to eat Chinese food, make sure to order an appetizer with the main course. This is because you’ll end up eating fewer calories throughout the meal. If […]

Dr. Oz: Can Food Affect the Mood? Dr. Oz talked about how food can affect the mood. Dr. Oz talked to neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter about this issue. He said that we now know that 90 percent of serotonin, the happy chemical, is manufactured in the gut. The literature also shows that when the gut […]

Dr. Oz: The Belly Blues Dr. Oz invited two of his superfans to come on the show after they sent him a goofy video of a blues song they wrote about bad indigestion and the “belly blues.” Let me be clear here: it did not sound good. But they did seem to be having fun […]

Dr. Oz: Brittany Gibbons Body Image Dr. Oz talked to Brittany Gibbons, a woman with a mission to help full-figured women to embrace their size in order to boost self-esteem. Brittany is a popular blogger and found some of the responses she received to be far from funny, like people wondering how she landed a […]

Dr. Oz: Overcoming Constipation Dr. Oz has been talking to a woman named Grace about her nervous stomach. He introduced her to Dr. Roshini Raj, a gastroenterologist, who had a plan to help her overcome her issue. Anxiety can cause three problems with the GI system: diarrhea, constipation, and nausea. Dr. Raj said that a lot of […]

Dr. Oz: Nervous Stomach Dr. Oz talked to Grace about her nervous stomach on his show today. She said her nervous stomach is a feeling of always having butterflies in her belly. Sometimes, she has to rush to the bathroom. She said her nervous stomach is caused by stress and anxiety. She worries about her kids, […]

Dr. Oz: Artificial Flavoring Dr. Oz said that the reason you’re over-snacking could be because of artificial flavors. According to him, some taste combinations that aren’t found in nature are altering the brain’s response and your emotions, causing you to eat more and more. He talked to Mark Schatzker, author of The Dorito Effect, who says that […]

Dr. Oz Viewer Loses Weight & Changes Life Forever Dr. Oz talked with Suzanne, a woman who used to think her health was too far gone to change. Now, she’s a personal trainer. Suzanne has been battling weight her whole life. In nursing school, her weight really started to hit its highest. When she got […]

Dr. Oz: Pipcorn Dr. Oz talked to Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank on the show today. He also talked to siblings Jeff and Jen Martin, who are the creators of Pipcorn. Pipcorn is made with special delicate kernels of corn that makes the popcorn smaller and easier to eat, so there aren’t any pieces that get stuck […]

Dr. Oz: Fixing Stomach Problems with Five-Minute Meals Dr. Oz talked about how to fix stomach problems like gas, diarrhea, and bloating. He talked to Dr. Amy Myers about how to fix stomach problems with five-minute meals. She said the key is to start by eliminating gluten, soy, dairy, corn, alcohol, and sugar. These are […]

Dr. Oz: Friends Pushing Food On Others Dr. Oz has been talking to best friends who complain about each other’s bad health habits. Rhonda is trying to lose weight, but her best friend Deborah keeps pushing food on her. Deborah said that she didn’t think she was pushing food on Rhonda. She said when they […]

Dr. Oz: Best Friends Behaving Badly Dr. Oz conducted a health sting on his show today. He asked best friends to film each other breaking their diets and doing things that are bad for you. Dr. Oz: Dirty Bras One woman in the audience named Sarah caught her sister and best friend Felicia wearing the […]

Dr. Oz: 22-Day Diet Dr. Oz talked about an amazing 22-day diet that worked for Beyonce. He talked to the man who created the diet, personal trainer and nutritionist Marco Borges, who worked with both Beyonce and Jay-Z personally to help them transform their health. He also wrote the book The 22-Day Revolution. He said on his […]

Dr. Oz: Don’t Put Serving Dishes on the Table Dr. Oz talked about the five things you never knew were making you fat. First up was Victoria, who made a video of her serving dinner. She made a slow cooker chicken dish and served it family-style with a big salad on the table. Dr. Oz revealed […]

Dr. Oz: Dangerous Dog Food? Dr. Oz talked about a recent class action lawsuit against a popular dog dry food, which they allege is responsible for poisoning thousands of dogs, many of the dogs suffering agonizing deaths. The dog food contains propylene glycol, an FDA-approved additive that can also be used in anti-freeze. The suit […]

Dr. Oz: Bethenny Frankel Too Thin? Bethenny Frankel came by Dr. Oz to talk about her weight. Dr. Oz showed several pictures of Bethenny Frankel in a bikini and a famous image of Bethenny wearing her 4-year-old daughter’s clothes. Bethenny said that she’s surprised people focus on how much she weighs. She said she’s seen […]

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