400 mg Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol, GCA & Chlorogenic Acid


Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract – Dr Oz Guidelines

Okay, so far, we’ve figured out that Green Coffee Extract can help you burn fat and lose weight if taken in the correct dosage, but Doctor Oz warned that not all extracts are created equal. The trick is to find the right green coffee bean extract that really worked and according to Dr Oz, there are only 2 manufacturers that are selling the good stuff. (He didn’t name them.)


  1. says

    Bought thermo edge off internet but does not give % of chlorogenic acid. Is this because it is just a gimmic to get the buyer. Mine says cellolulose, so is this a filler?
    I have been taking this product for about 3 weeks now and want to know if I should switch

  2. Melissa says

    I found the two manufacturers, but cannot find where to buy. I guess they sell them undera particular brand name. The Svetol is manufactured by Naturex, and the GCA is manufactured by Applied Food Science. That’s all I could find.Even called AFS, but didn’t get thru to anyone. There are only mail boxes of particular people to speak with.

  3. Chip says

    Svetol and GCA are BRANDS, not some secrete ingredient. Those companies make green coffee bean extract and sell it to companies (vitamin world, puritan pride) to bottle with their own name on it. While checking a product look for the Standardized extract %on the bottle. It should be at least 45%. Svetol and GCA do not list their extract percentage, which is odd.

  4. Matt says

    GCA is in CoffeeGenic… which is LifeExtension’s Green Coffee Bean Extract. I really wish Dr Oz made this clear GCA is not on any label anywhere.

  5. selina says

    Svetol website says that resvitale green coffee extract, hydroxycut hardcore elite, and xenadrine xt all contain svetol even though it is not on the label

  6. Natasha says

    I don’t know if anyone has been able to purchase gree coffee bean extract recommended by Oz. is Genesis today a good site

  7. says

    I have been taking green coffee ultra, 800mg 2xday for over a month now and haven’t lost any weight. The only problem I have run across is knowing when I am going to eat dinner and to remember to take the pill 30 minutes before the meal. Now I find out that I was supposed to take 400mg 3xday. I am sending the green coffee ultra back because I took more thant the recommended dose for over 30 days with no results. Not to sure about this one folks.

  8. T Grace says

    I am taking a Green Coffee Extract from Healthy Natural Systems, Thin Tab. It contains 500 mg of Green coffee Extract and 45% Chlorogenic acid (225mg), 10mcg Chromium polynicotinate along with the thin tab energy blend. This also contains microcrystalline cellulose and some other ingredients. I purchased it at GNC. This is my first day taking it so hopefully with the “4 hour Body” slow carb diet I will lose more weight.

  9. Sherry says

    Please, Dr. Oz, don’t just tell us there are only two brands (now that we have been buying the stuff from others and taking it all this time) and not give us ANY resource to find out which brands and how to get them! Sheesh.

  10. Lisa says

    There are not two brands. There are many. Svetol and GCA are ingredient combinations that must be in the product he recommended. the product must have one or the other and it will be listed on back of the bottle.

  11. DJ says

    After reading Dr. O’s commentary & doing some research on my own, I settled chose the house brand from VitaCost.com. Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg, standardized to 50% minimum Chlorgenic Acids. Here’s what I can tell you: I have issues w/appetite control; my feedback mechanism seems to be faulty, especially in the evenings. I have an amazing diet, lots of whole, fresh foods, lean proteins, no simple carbs (no breads, pastas, rices). I did Hcg under a doctor’s care & lost (wait for it) 15 whole pounds in 4 months (out of the 30 I need to drop). I was hungry the whole time & really hated it. Fast forward to today. Yeah, it’s only been 3 days, but I am really truly not hungry. So, I figure I will lose the rest of the weight, simply by virtue of not overeating. I will update @30 days…

  12. says

    The trick is to find the right green coffee bean extract that really worked and according to Dr Oz, there are only 2 manufacturers that are selling the good stuff. (He didn’t name them.) Can you please let me know the 2 manufacturers that you didn’t mention… It would be so very helpful. thanks so much!

  13. fluffychenille says

    This is what urks me about him……………he goes on and on about us not being scammed, tell us there are ONLY TWO manufactures that sell this product, then never tells us WHO. WTH! What was the point of the show if he is not going to tell us???? I have found over 10 different brands that have Svetol and CGA listed on their label in the right amounts……………..so how I am I supposed to know which one is the right one? ugh!

  14. Rose says

    drozfans, You guys should really help us. Suggest which one is right. Or at least provide a link on who sells the good Green Coffee. I have looked at several labels and my head is spinning from confusion.

    Here’s what I got from Dr Oz website:

    1) The correct dosage is 400mg taken three times daily half an hour before food
    2) It should contain only Svetol or GCA Green Coffee only
    3) It should contain 45% Chlorogenic Acid or higher

    The few I have found all have multiple green coffee ingredients in the same pill, which means that they are mixing the stuff that works (presumably expensive) with cheap green coffee that does not work. Why else would they put multiple kinds of green coffee in the same pill. None of them have just Svetol or GCA alone. This is really frustrating.

  15. Anne says

    Hello all. I would like to help. I brought a bottle from Vitacost.com and its made by the company Only Natural. It says Standardized Green Coffee Bean Extract 50% chlorogenic Acids. The only on ingredients are 200 mg of Svetol,200 mg of Green coffee bean extract. Take 2 30 minutes before meals twice daily which will equal 400mg per serving. I also ordered raspberry keytones the vitacost version. Hope this helps

  16. Yesenia says

    Has anyone found the name of the 2 brands that the label reads as he stated and have seen results???? Anyone???? I really wan t to try it but there are so many brands and I want to know which one is going to actually work!

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