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By on February 20, 2012

Dr Oz: Belly Blasting Supplements

Dr Oz recently spoke about the merits of Raspberry Ketones as a fat burning supplements, but there are more belly fat blasting pills too!  You’re working out and eating right but you can’t seem to get rid of that muffin top. On today’s episode, Doctor Oz gave you the best supplements to blast that gut and keep your stomach from hanging over your jeans. (Guys, this means you too!) Add these supplements to your diet for a sleek, slim, and trim tummy!

7-Keto Supplement Pills

Dr Oz introduced 4 women who were desperate to blast their belly fat.

7-Keto Supplements, Forskolin Supplements and Relora Supplements.

Dr Oz spoke about 7-Keto Supplements, Forskolin Supplements and Relora Supplements to burn Belly Fat.

The first woman, Loretta, told Dr Oz that she hated her belly. She was in disbelief that her belly had gotten so big. Dr Oz explained that as you aged, your metabolism slowed down. Not to worry, though, you can do something about it. Boost your metabolism to blast belly fat.

7-Keto is a natural byproduct of a hormone in our bodies to keep us young. As we age, the level of 7-Keto drops, which slows down the metabolism. When we reach our 30s, we make less 7-Keto. (In our 40s and 50s, we make even less.) The faster the metabolism, the more muscle you make. 7-keto stimulates the thyroid gland and helps convert fat to muscle by freezing the metabolism at the higher rate again. (The same rate as when you were younger).

Dr Oz had his team research this. They gave 200mg of 7-Keto to people for 2 months. (They also had to continue with diet and exercise.) They found that the people who took 7-Keto lost weight quicker than those who did not. Take 200mg per day (100mg in morning and 100mg in the evening).

Forskolin Supplement Pills

Forskolin burns fat. Cloris, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she would love to say good riddance to her big belly. She also seemed to lose the weight and then gain it back. She has tried diet and exercise but hasn’t been able to sustain the weight loss. She told Doctor Oz that she has a terrible time trying to burn fat.

Forskolin is found in the root of an herbal plant in the mint family. It has been used to treat heart trouble but researchers found out that it also helps to burn fat by causing the fat cells to melt away. Forskolin heats up the area in the cells to burn the fat. Take 12 mg in the mornings.

Dr Oz: Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seeds are great for bloating. Dawn, an audience member, was a little emotional as she told Dr Oz that she hated her belly fat and wishes it was gone. She was tired of feeling bloated all the time and felt terrible when she had to change her outfit several times before going out. (Ladies, do you feel her on this one? I do!)

Caraway Seeds control bloating. For centuries, it has been a staple in many foods such as bread and cheese and is a natural fix for painful bloating. Caraway seeds contain a powerful digestive aid to help eliminate gas.

Doctor Oz explained that bloating happened because you have bacteria in your gut that converts food into gas. Caraway seeds help good bacteria properly digest the food. It also helps to relax the intestinal tract so you can pass gas. Take a handful of seeds after breakfast. Dawn tried a handful and said it was doable. (That means it tastes like crap, but she’ll take it anyway to get rid of the belly.)

Relora Supplement Pills

Relora helps reduce stress. Tammy, an audience member, told Dr Oz that ever since she had her son, she was stressed. She also worked, which produced more stress. Relora is made from the extract of 2 plants used by Chinese herbalists. Relora helps to regulate cortisol (stress hormone). Take 250mg 3x per day (1 per meal).

Doctor Oz reminded that you also have to do your part. Be sure to diet and exercise to keep your body healthy.

Dr Oz: Miso Soup Belly Fat Recipe

To help blast belly fat, look to your meals.


High fiber cereal with whole grains. This will help you stay full longer.


Add sauerkraut to your turkey sandwich. Sauerkraut contains bacteria to boost digestion.


Miso Soup. This contains vitamin B12, which helps get rid of that tummy. Since Miso soup is a low energy dense food, you get more food with less calories. Miso soup also helps you feel full longer. Prepare from scratch or buy instant soup. Be sure to check to labels to find the lowest sodium option!

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Comments to 7-Keto, Forskolin, Relora & Caraway Seeds | Dr Oz Belly Fat Pills

  1. Can you take all of these supplements 7 kerosene, forskolin, caraway seeds, relora at the same time.

  2. where can I buy these supplements in calgary canada

  3. On the show, Dr. OZ said to take 125 mg Forskolin in the morning, but on this page you have written to take 12 mg. Which is it? Error on the show or on this website? I’d like to know before purchasing it.

  4. Can you take all of these supplements 7 kerosene, forskolin, caraway seeds, relora at the same time.

  5. Mary Walker says:

    I need details of the 5 diet myths for pain. He mentioned boswellia300 mg but I did not get all of the information.
    I also need the joint pain remedy.

  6. Can you take all these supplements at one time, or would one of them give you the same benefit?

  7. Mary Walker says:

    My husband has had severe pain for 8 years after a colon resection after finding polopes in his colon. We came to your show and thought we would be able to ask a question, but to our dismay
    we did not get a chance to ask a question. He has had so many tests, camera pills, and too numerous to mention here. Do you know anybody who can help us? Maybe Dr. Oz and suggest something. ANYTHING! tHESE COMMENTS ARE FOR DR. OZ OR STAFF ONLY

  8. my daughter went to buy the forskolin…3.85 mg per tablet….I think the website would be correct, otherwise you’d be taking quite a few pills! She got her’s at a local natural food store.

  9. Mary Richards says:

    Would caraway seeds help the digestive track of someon with Celiac?

  10. Where can you buy these products? What are there proper names and milagrams per pill.
    can you get thme on line what brand. and can you take them all together. Do they affect
    and meds that you may be on..

  11. Can you take all the belly blasting supplements together?

  12. Can you take these supplements all at the same time?

  13. Where can I buy all of these supplements, and can I take them all at the same time?

  14. Are these supplements save if combine?

  15. Are these supplements safe if combined?????

  16. Sonya,
    This is what I wrote for every supplement!
    -7keto (is for the metabolism) and its 100mg in the am and pm ($20)

    -forskolin(is to burn fat)
    125mg in the am ($10-$15)

    -relora(is for the stress) some people over eat when they are stressed.
    250mg is 3x a day (with each meal) ($10-$20)

    satiereal saffron extract (is a appetite suppressant)
    88-90mg 2x per day (about $30)

    -caraway (also he mentioned that a lot of people get bloated).
    this is a handful after meals ($10)

    I bought the 7keto in vitacost.com (subscribe to their email and they will send you minutes after a $10 code. So I just paid $3.53 with free shipping. I haven’t gotten the rest but I am going to get the satiereal saffron extract in myrebody.com for $19.99. Those are the only ones that I am getting. I don’t want to put too many supplements in my body.

    Good Luck!

  17. can you get any of the supplements at gnc and if not were can i buy them

  18. Dr. Oz: I was about to order some 7-Keto through Amazon, and started to read reviews from people…one lady said she took 100 mg. in the morning, and 100 mg. at night, and after two weeks, started having terrible anxiety attacks…something she had never had in her life. She stopped taking the 7-Keto, and after about 4 days, her anxiety/panic attacks went away. Now I am frightened to take this. Anyone heard of this????

  19. What can I do for IBS. There are so many foods that I cannot eat because they trigger the bowel spasms and diarrhea. One trigger is garlic, and there are few restaurants I can go to that don’t cook everything with garlic. As long as I cook my own food, I am fine, but we do like to go out for a meal once in a while. Unfortunately the fastest way to stop the spasms is to turn to simple carbs, which crank on the pounds. Any help will be appreciated!

  20. How come nobody responds as to whether we can take these together or not. i really need to know before I go spend a bunch of money and take the risk of having problems with combining supplements.

  21. Darlene Honeysucker says:

    If you purchase 7 keto should it also say metabolite of DHEA. I heard that 7 keto is more natural and has less side effects. Just want to make sure to purchase correct one. Thanks

  22. Beth Ripplinger says:

    i need to know if we can take these supplements together.

  23. Can the satiereal saffron, 7-keto, and forskolin all be taken together. Also are there any interactions if taking leaxapro 5mg/day? My husband takes diabetic pills only: metforman, januvia, and amaryl, also simvastatin. will he be able to take the three supplements? thank you mary jane

  24. I am inquiring if I can take the 7-Keto, Forskolin,Relora all at the same time? I have the belly fat and need metabolism booted..I am 59 yrs old. also need to burn fat and stress is an everyday
    deal for most of us.
    Astragalus sounded interesting for a better nights sleep. Can I take that also with the above supplelments?
    Thanks for all your help and time,
    Sincerely Yours, Susie

  25. Vivian Monroe says:

    I am currently taking the Forskolin twice a day. I am also considering purchasing satiereal saffron to include in my attempt to lose weight. Can I take the two together? In addition, is there any problems if you have a hypoactive thyroid?

  26. Is it safe to take 7 keto, forskolin and, saffron extract at the same time?

  27. Relora #1 says:

    I have been taking Relora with no problems and have lost several pounds. I found a pretty good dealer on Amazon called village pharmacy that has been quick with shipping and good on price. I’m pretty sure you can take the 7-Keto with the Relora. I think I might try a bottle of it.





  31. I’m sure that questions about taking the supplements all at once or how/if they well interact with otc/prescription medications could be answered by the staff at the health food store or by your local pharmacist.

  32. Everyone – Investigate before you take! Forskilin is not good for people that are taking heart medications – can cause serious problems. 7-Keto has on various sites been labelled as fake. Does Dr Oz investigate anything that he pushes? Please check everything he says before you take it!

  33. Jackie McG says:

    To Barb dated March 21
    On the credibilty of Dr Oz, he has always said one should consult their doctor before starting a regimen. But I am also t suggesting you Google Oz’ recent run in with the FDA on whether or not Arsenic existed in concentrated apple juice, a huge favorite with young mothers. It wasn’t that all apple juice was bad – there were circumstances. There was months going back and forth with the FDA – Dr Oz’s had testing results from a multitude of laboratories. The end result: I saw the news show on TV in which a rep from FDA was present and the FDA apologized to Dr Oz. This upped the credibility of DR Oz in my book. Just be sure you don’t blindly follow anyone, (including doctors, your own included) Research before you put things in your body.

  34. To Jackie – were we speaking of arsenic? I’m just reminding people to check before they leap. I would’ve thought that Dr. Oz being a heart surgeon would state right who should NOT take some of the supplements he pushes. Not everyone researches and he knows that. I’m sorry you are so ready to follow him blindly as he was correct about one thing. I’ve investigated many of his claims and I can tell you that 85% of the time what he says has been proven to be incorrect. Bottom line – INVESTIGATE thoroughly before you believe anything anyone says.


  36. chuck pomre says:

    Dr Oz is a moron who needs to stop advertising supplements that don’t work and haven’t been studied on humans. if you’re stupid enough to listen to him then you are one dumb idiot. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I work at a supplement store and I deal with dr oz idiots on a daily basis. Can’t wait till his show is off the air!

  37. chuck pomre says:

    Do your research! And the stuff doesn’t work, you might as well give your money to me. you do have to exercise and eat right.

  38. Chuck, I agree with you in one thing.
    That in order for a supplement to work, we need to eat right and exercise.
    BUT I do not agree with you to come to this blog and insult people. That is not
    a nice thing to do. May God Bless you and take away all the hate from your heart.

  39. I would not take these products. I took all the products that Dr. Oz recommended on the show. After one week of using these products, I got severe stomach cramps and anxiety/panic attacks. This was a waste of money. I think the best way to lose weight is to calorie count and excercise which doesn’t cost you a think. We are looking for miracle drugs which sometimes only cause us physical problems.

  40. for everyone screaming for an answer about taking ALL the supplements together……..scroll to the bottom of the page and read the disclaimer….He’s not part of this site, it’s a fan site! “wellbuzz.com is not endorsed by or in any way affiliated with Dr. Mehmet Oz, ZoCo Productions LLC or to ZoCo 1 LLC. ZoCo 1 LLC is the owner of the following trademarks: DR. OZ™, ASK DR. OZ™ and THE DOCTOR OZ SHOW™. We are an independent and unofficial fan and news site unrelated to any of the entities above. “

  41. I do these supplements together and have had no problems to report. In fact, I believe they are working. You must, must, must, eat right and exercise. I can’t recommend that enough! If you suffer any side effects, please do stop them. Talk to your doctor like I did. There really is no magic pill to just take the weight off. I am on weight watchers, exercise, and write down everything I eat. I’m also a vegetarian, eat right, no added sugar, and no junk. Again, there is no magic pill without diet and exercise.

  42. Make sure you read the ingredients on the products you find. Make sure it’s pure and not some manufacturers proprietary blend. Some of the products I found at GNC contained caffeine and other unnecessary ingredients, which might cause other issues.

  43. Rachael says:

    This is the website of Dr. Oz which tells you when to take these supplements througout the day. Also, I just tried the caraway seeds… TERRIBLE taste, I just hope it works! Being bloated is a terrible feeling!

  44. Can you take all pills together?

  45. i am needing to know how to take these i like the stress one and need the metabolism and bellt fat can they work together also i have a teenage daughter who is really hard on herself she dislike her belly fat can she beifit from these since they are natural i am not as scared to say ok to her but would like another opioin thank you

  46. dear fat people:

    i know it’s hard, but it will work. trust me.
    don’t be afraid to feel hungry, that’s how you know it’s working.
    good luck.

  47. 7keto or DHEA are not available in Canada.

  48. dear mike,
    who are you to refer to ” dear, fat people “, are you ” fat ” yourself ? I’m very offened by your statement and you should be ashamed of yourself. Not all weight gain is from over eating, I take several medications that causes weight gain and a hardship to control. In the future I suggest you have all your ” french fries ” in a row before making comments.

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