99 Diet Foods Dr Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart

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99 Diet Foods Dr Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart

By on July 19, 2012

Dr Oz: Lima Beans, Lime Juice & Parsley Fight Cancer

Dr Oz’s show on July 19, 2012 covers 99 Diet Foods Dr Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart, and I highly recommend printing out the list for your next grocery store visit at the following link: 99 Diet Foods.  Doctor Oz gave lists for everything from breakfast diet foods to entree diet foods to cereal, pasta and grain diet foods to even the more dangerous foods like snacks, desserts and drinks.  After reading over the full list, leave a comment below to share your favorites from the list.  Which diet foods have you tried? Which do you love?  Are there any that you hate?  In addition to talking about 99 Diet Foods, Dr Oz gave a list of Cancer Superfoods including parsley, limes, lima beans and apricots.  Here is a quick summary of the types of cancer that these foods help to fight off:

1.  Lima beans help fight Breast Cancer

99 Diet Foods Dr Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart

99 Diet Foods Dr Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart

2.  Parsley helps to fight Ovarian Cancer

3.  Limes help fight Lung Cancer

4.  Apricots help fight Stomach Cancer

Click on the following link to learn how these foods fight cancer and how much to eat of each: Dr Oz Cancer Superfoods.

Hungry Girl Shrimp Alfredo

Lisa Lillien, also known as Hungry Girl, also joined Dr Oz to teach us how to make the famous Hungry Girl Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo.  Yes, you read that correctly, a healthy diet version of fettuccine alfredo!  Instead of regular pasta, she uses shirataki noodles (which are made of a tofu-like ingredient).  And for the creamy alfredo sauce, she uses reduced fat sour cream and laughing cow cheese.  Plus, she sneaks in broccoli and spinach that even your pickiest kid will eat.  Click on the following link for the complete recipe: Hungry Girl Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe.

Dr Oz: Free Burrito

Dr Oz’s July 19, 2012 show announced a Dr Oz Free Burrito Giveaway.  Unfortunately though, this is a little misleading.  Why?  Well, the show is a repeat from earlier this year.  Yes, Dr Oz airs repeats in the summer… even the good doctor needs a vacation it seems!  So did Dr Oz give away 20,000 free burritos?  Yes, but that was quite a few month ago when the show first aired.  So if you are looking for where to sign-up to receive the free burritos that Dr Oz is giving away, I’m afraid it is too late.

Dr Oz July 19 2012: In Case You Missed It

Here is a complete list of recaps of the Dr Oz Show from July 19, 2012:

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Comments to 99 Diet Foods Dr Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart

  1. virginia says:

    I have tried all day to pull up the list to no avail.

  2. I have tried to pull up the list for the 99 diet food to no avail

  3. sharon curran says:

    I cannot retrieve the 99 diet food… tried several times.. is there a secret ?

  4. Rebecca Simunovich says:

    I can’t pull up the list of 99 grocery list
    foods, not available??? I can’t write fast enough to write them down and can’t remember 99 super meals or food!! HELP!!

  5. I cannot retrieve food list,?????????//////

  6. The show today was clearly marked Pre-recorded.

  7. Michael Wader says:

    In the first article-lima beans-there is a link to the diet foods list.

  8. Susan king says:

    Google 99 diet foods..but the brands are all odd names..anyone would go broke buying things he wants you to have.. Good luck..

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