Dr Oz: Beanitos, Herbal Tisane & Amaranth for Weight Loss Diets

Dr Oz: Biggest Dieting Mistakes

You’ve been trying to lose weight since forever, but nothing seems to work. Dr Oz says you may be making dieting mistakes that sabotage your weight loss (Gluten Free does not mean it will help you lose weight!). Not all fruits are created equally and you may be consuming the higher calorie ones. Dr Oz also revealed the quick fix that is making you fat. But do not worry, Dr Oz also gave some healthy snack advice like Beanitos Bean Chips, Herbal Tisane and amaranth.  Plus, don’t miss the Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Great, another stellar segment on today’s show!

Dr Oz Benitos

Dr Oz said that Benitos, Herbal Tisane and Apples are decent snack choices for those of you trying to lose weight.

Amaranth & Buckwheat for Gluten Free Diets

Christine, an audience member, says she is a “2 weeks dieter.” She diets and exercises for 2 weeks and when she doesn’t see the results, she gives up. She did this off and on for several months.

Dr Oz say gluten-free doesn’t mean calorie free. When you remove grains from wheat, you add sugars and oils as a replacement. The only people that should do the gluten-free diet are people that have a problem with gluten. Amaranth, buckwheat, teff and quinoa are real whole grains that your body wants. If you go gluten free, eat these.

Are Apples & Pears Good For Diets?

Another mistake Dr Oz says you make is that you “Over-Fruit”. Not all fruits are created equally. While most fruits (apples and pears) are low on the glycemic index, others contain more sugar and calories. Dried fruits, melons and pineapples may cause weight gain so steer clear when trying to lose weight.

Dr Oz: Beanitos Bean Chips Review

Dr Oz says women sometimes over-rely on protein bars and eat them as a snack. The truth is, some of these bars are packed with sugar and calories. If you want protein, go for Benitos Bean Chips, which are packed with beans, are low sugar and contain tons of fiber. Eat them in place of potato chips… and checkout the glowing reviews that people wrote about these bean chips at the following link: Beanitos Black Bean Chips.

Dr Oz: Herbal Tisane

You may think you’re healthy when you drink fruit juice. This is a mistake. Dr Oz says most fruit juices contain a lot of sugar. If you’re trying to lose weight, limit your fruit juice intake to 8 oz per day. Also, try Herbal Tisane, which is made from all parts of the plant. You can brew it and even include fruit pieces. Use an infuser for a lemon and lime taste.


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