Daymon Patterson’s Healthy Fast Food YouTube Reviews: Dr Oz Challenge


Dr Oz: Fast Food Intervention

Dr Oz met YouTube sensation Daymon Patterson and discussed his fast food diet, including healthy fast food in Dr Oz’s Drive Thru Diet. Next, Dr Oz wanted to use Daymon as an example of how fast food can affect your health. Check out Dr Oz’s Road Rule drive thru advice.

See if you agree with Dr Oz that now is the perfect time for Daymon to change his healthy routine. Daymon hopped into Dr Oz’s Truth Tube to look at his vital statistics. Here’s how his health looked.

Daymon Patterson Truth Tube on Dr Oz

  • Height – 6’5”
  • Weight – 394 pounds
  • BMI – 47 (this counts as Super Obese)
  • Blood Pressure – 164/96 (this is very high and Dr Oz said it would cause premature aging)
  • Cholesterol – 171

Dr Oz said these numbers, especially blood pressure, mean that you will age faster. He explained that medications could manage the high BP, but they wouldn’t solve the problem.


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