Dr Joel Fuhrman Food Pyramid on Dr Oz & G-BOMBS Food Plan


Dr Fuhrman’s Food Pyramid

After Dr Joel Fuhrman appeared on the Dr Oz Show, everyone is talking about the Dr Fuhrman Food Pyramid.  How is it different from a typical food pyramid?  And should it really be the new standard?  Here is a quick breakdown followed by an image that you can print out of Dr Fuhrman’s Food Pyramid.  The base of Dr Joel Fuhrman’s Food Pyramid is vegetables, as opposed to the classic pyramid that has bread, cereal, rice and pasta at the bottom.  Dr Fuhrman believes that it is important to eat more vegetables since they are so rich in vitamins and nutrients.  Makes sense to me!  The next level of Dr Furman’s Food Pyramid is split between fruits and beans / legumes.  When you compare this to the “classic” pyramid, the fruit group is the same, but the vegetables are on the second level rather than the beans / legumes.  Interestingly, beans are grouped into the meat and poultry section on the “classic” food pyramid, whereas Dr Furman separates the groups out.  The third section of Dr Joel Fuhrman’s Food Pyramid is whole grains, raw nuts and seeds, followed by fish and fat-free dairy, which is followed by poultry, eggs and oils, and lastly at the very top of the pyramid are beef, sweets, cheese and milk.  Overall, Dr Fuhrman’s Pyramid seems to be the general diet that Dr Oz preaches.  But what do you think is the healthiest diet?  Dr Fuhrman’s Food Pyramid or the classic food pyramid?  Which do you follow?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to print out the food pyramid here.



  1. says

    How about Escarole and Beans, an old Italian favorite?
    Fry some chopped garlic in olive oil, then add some cooked
    cannolini beans (white kidney beans). Let cook awhile then
    add some fresh escarole and some water. Let cook about
    an hour or so. Salt and pepper. Add a little grated Romano
    cheese to each serving.
    2 cups beans
    1 medium head escarole

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