Dr Oz: 11 Week Diet Plan – Move It & Lose It In 2011


Dr Oz’s 11 Weeks to Move It & Lose It In 2011 sounds like a wonderful 11 Week Diet Plan.  Doctor Oz said that 2010 was a great year for many of us, but now we want to replace the chubby 0 in 2010 with a slender 1 for 2011.  If you have tried to get fit and lose weight for a long time, Dr Oz said that his 11 Week Diet Plan will change your life starting today!  In the past year and a half, Dr Oz has helped 100’s of 1000’s of people lose weight, including people like Rocco the Cowboy.  Now, Dr Oz is teaming with Nike for his first ever customized and interactive fitness plan and diet plan.  Every tool that you need for this diet is online and free such as your own personal health assessment, a food tracker to help you make better food decisions, your own personal training guide, and motivation to keep you going in order to make this diet a success.  The Dr Oz 11 Week Weight Loss Challenge really is a revolutionary program.  I am committed to trying out this diet plan myself – starting today!  So, I will be updating everyone on my progress and I would love to hear about how everyone else is doing on the Dr Oz Diet Plan too – please keep me posted and lets help to motivate each other!  And, just in case you missed it, here is the article we posted last week announcing that we heard about Dr Oz’s 11 Week Weight Loss Program for 2011: Dr Oz: 11 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Dr Oz’s 11 Week Diet Plan: 5 Steps

Dr Oz: Assess Your Health

The first step in Dr Oz’s 11 Week Diet Plan is to assess your health.  Look at your height and weight to figure out your BMI or Body Mass Index.  Dr Michael Roizen said that this is a critical Dr Oz 11 Week Weight Loss Challengenumber because it works for everyone and tells you how much fat you have and how much you have to lose.

Dr Oz: BMI Calculation

You calculate your BMI by using the following equation:


  1. says

    hmmm so I just signed up for the program, but I cannot login with the e-mail address or password that I created – nor have I received any email confirmations. I wonder if there is some sort of delay between when you sign-up and when you can actually start doing stuff like the BMI calculations and food logging. Is anyone else having this same issue?

  2. Patrice says

    I’m also having a problem logging on. It says my email is not valid. I have not received a confirmation email yet either.

  3. Patrice says

    I guess since everyone is having this issue it probably just takes a while for the activation process to begin. I hope so, I really want to get started with this.

  4. Ruth says

    Can’t wait to begin but have not gotten my confirmation e-mail yet. It’s been over an hour. Excited to start but very frustrated. Looking forward to lot of support from everyone.

  5. angel says

    I CANT WAIT… I HAVE about 40 pounds to lose.. and im ready… I just havent received a conformation email yet!!! IM READY TO GET STARTED!!!

  6. Patrice says

    I can’t wait either Angel. I have about 15 pounds to lose and I have been trying to lose for a long time. My problem is that I know I have to commit to exercising and I hate it. But it’s the only way to really lose besides eating right. I am thinking about trying hot yoga, I heard you work off a ton of calories, it’s just getting started that’s the hard part.
    Good luck to you and hopefully we will all be able to do well with the Dr. Oz program!

  7. says

    I can’t either. SIgned up earlier and thought I might have entered the wrong email address until I saw all these comments.

  8. GED says

    Technically the show hasn’t aired yet, at least for me (Chicago). I would imagine we will all get our confirmation emails once the show airs for everyone. Or they are getting bombarded with registrations and they have to catch up.


  9. Joan says

    My problem is I’m 4′ 10\ tall and I’m not listed on the BMI chart. How can I get this info?

  10. says

    need the supervision since i am a stressful eater and deal with stress almost every day…thank you for this monitoring program….your fan

  11. says

    need supervision since i am a stressful eater and deal with stress almost everyday…thanking you in advance….a five-day week watcher and fan.

  12. says

    Joan – here are a few more heights and weight ranges from Dr Oz’s chart:

    4’11” = 111 – 124 lbs
    5’0″ = 113 – 128 lbs
    5’1″ = 115 – 132 lbs
    5’2″ = 118 – 136 lbs

    So based on the patterns in the numbers, my guess would be that for 4’10” the weight range would be something like 109 – 120 lbs

  13. Nina says

    I am having the same issue I actually thought I might have done something wrong so I applied a few times with a coupld of email addresses. My episode aired so idk whats going on. I hope I get something soon I have been waiting for two hours and I am gettng anxious. Please hurry people!

  14. helene says

    I just signed up also (it’s 5:30 here in Toronto, Canada) and can’t login in as of yet. Hoping it comes through soon. Very excited about getting started on this program!!

  15. Tasha says

    I just heard him say that it starts tomorrow at noon. The first 2000 people to sign up get some sort of prize. Sooo hopefully everything will go through then.

    Good luck to everyone here, I know I’m gonna need and I am so PUMPED about starting this program!!

  16. says

    My husband and I both need to loose the weigth. My husband cant’t walk too well and has problems with his legs. He is obese. Please help him!! I am very worried and I don’t know what to do. We watch DR. OZ all the time. But I can’t find an answer for this problem. This maybe my best way for finding a solution for our health. Thanks.

  17. helene says

    Thanks Tasha – I was cooking dinner and missed him mentioning the start time. If we’re one of the first 2000 great but I’m just eager to all the assistance that will be available to us online! Good luck everyone – I look forward to sharing our progress together to keep us on track and motivated!!

  18. Clare Weingarden says

    Not sure what I am doing. I am 197 lbs and I am 5.5 1/2 inches and my BMI is in the 1000s

  19. helene says

    take your weight in pounds, multiple that by 703, then divide that by your height (in inches squared)
    Ex: 155 X 703 = 108,965
    I’m 5 feet 9 inches = 69 inches
    108,965 / (69 x 69) = 22.89
    22.89 = BMI

  20. Orpha Booth says

    Also having problem with E-Mail…but can someone help me find my BMI#….185lb….60″

  21. helene says

    Sorry Clare – I was answering Orpha’s BMI query. Here’s yours:
    197 x 703 = 138491
    138491 / (65.5 x 65.5) =
    138491 / 4290.25 = 32.28 is your BMI
    Scroll up past the comments and you’ll see the BMI breakdowns

  22. says

    Hope I did not mess up the registration, I assumed I was doing something wrong when I did not receive the confirmation email and registered like 4 x’s…. Somehow I missed Dr. Oz and the comment that it starts tomorrow at 12 noon. Good luck everyone in advance, 11 weeks from now were all going to look Fabulous!

  23. Clare Weingarden says

    Thank you for your help. I can’t get in to sign up so I am going back to work. geeeeeeze I lost 221 from my highest point and still Obese. Well really I have lost at least a 1000 lbs.That is depressing. Everyone tells me I am getting soooooooooooooo skinny. NOT

  24. says

    We’re all SO excited….lets hope a week from now we still feel this delighted ready to start feeling!!

    I need to bump off a good 60 pounds.

    Good luck to everyone

  25. melissa says

    I signed up during the show and just now got the email confirmation stating they received my info. Looks like another email will follow with details and instructional info. The anticipation is killing me!

  26. angel says

    ok.. i just got an email… They acknowledge that i signed up… It also said that they will send another email when they set my account… AWESOME!!

  27. melissa says

    I had a baby 6 months ago and have actually gained weight since having the baby. Uggh! How does that happen. Can’t wait to get started!

  28. melissa says

    I think it’s a combo of balancing my work schedule, chores, and time with the baby, husband, & pets. It’s hard to juggle it all, but it’s getting easier. I just would like to tie in losing weight too. The time has come, hopefully for us all 🙂

  29. vicki says

    I am so excited to get started! I have watched your show for a long time and today I finally got hope that I could and would lose the weight I need to feel good again! Thank you, Dr. Oz for bringing a program to the many of us who have looked for hope and have finally found a program-with help availabe to all of us!! God Bless You!!!!!!

  30. says

    I would love to put everyone in touch with each other. How about this – leave a comment saying “add me to the Dr Oz Fans Support Group!” if you want to join a group to support each other with other Dr Oz Fans from this forum. We can update each other on how we are doing and make sure that nobody “falls off the wagon” so to speak. Then in a few days I will send out a mass e-mail to everyone who wants to be on the list so that we can be in contact with each other! With the support of one another, we will all lose a ton of weight over the next 11 weeks (and beyond!)!!!

  31. Clare Weingarden says

    Thank you but I am sure I missed out on the shoes by now. I spent almost 2 hours trying to get through. Had to get back to work. I have been watching my intake and exercising since 11/2009. I have gone from a size 58 (not in the year in a half) to a normal XL. I was doing it for a new pair of shoes. Sales are down for me and I would of like some new shoes. 😀 I went to the link you gave me and I have not idea how to manover where I am sopposed to go to sign up. The page is much to busy but thanks.

  32. Deanna says

    My registration is not working either. It must be bogged down. Hopefully it will work soon. I started my program on 9/9/10 when Dr. Oz started his Just lose 10 program and I am down 38 pounds! The holidays put a stall on my program but back with it again today! Good luck to everyone. Please add me to the group email. Thx!

  33. says

    YAY I finally got the confirmation e-mail (and I registered this morning!). This is what it says:


    Thank you very much for joining the Dr. Oz’s 11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It in 2011 program. We received your information and are setting up your account. You will be receiving an email shortly to confirm when your account has been activated and further instructions on how to get started on this revolutionary diet and fitness program.

    For any other questions regarding the program, please reach
    out to [email protected].

  34. says

    after i saw the show i decide to lose 50 pound so hopfully i will find some support from people like me who wants to loose weigt.

  35. Gary says

    I have signed up for the 11 Week program but the website will not allow me to sign in. Keeps saying invalid email. So, I tried a different email I have, same results. I decided to try to contact the Sharecare people, no luck. What’s the deal?

  36. angel says

    Gary… It wont let you sign in until you get a notification email… with a link to activate your account…

  37. Paula says

    I signed up and have been waiting about 2 hours for the e-mail response. I had been looking at various diet options when I came across this today. Is this the miracle I have asked for? Me doing the work, with support, at the great cost of $0. Shoes or no shoes whatever. I just want to get started and to lose weight. I am looking forward to liking what I see in the mirror. I am looking forward to being healthier. I HAVE to do this now especially if I want to live and to live a life without being a burden to anyone because of health issues. Who knows at the end of this I may be open to finding a mate to share life with. Good Luck to us all.

  38. Marilyn says

    I’m glad to hear that others are waiting for some response from their registration. I thought it was problems with my browser, so I was searching for any talk of problems with the site. I found it here, so I guess patience is the key. I want to start using the site tools as soon as possible. I’m surprised that the site is not prepared for faster response to registrations. Silly me, I expected an immediate email response like normal sites.

  39. Corinn says

    Marilyn, I was thinking the same thing..I have recieved the “congrats we are setting up your account” but that was last night and I am waiting to get my confirmation e-mail. This society has built us up for a quick response.. but I am also surprised that it is not set up the bogging down of people getting on. I am ready for action!

  40. betty howard says

    DR. OZ. FAN

  41. Crystal says

    yes, I signed up for this yesterday,, and have not yet recieved the confirmation email. I got the email saying that I would recieve the confirmation email soon. and that was 5 hr later.(last night) and now 18 hrs later I have still not recieved the confirmation email..is anyone else having this problem. I am anxious to get started hehe..but I just want to make sure that it is not just me having this problem..Thank you lot!

  42. says

    Hello everybody! I just wanted to clarify a few things. wellbuzz.com is not affiliated with Dr Oz – we are just the biggest Dr Oz Fan Website – so we have no control over the 11 Week Program or the problems with their website. I can tell you this much though – I signed up to join the program yesterday morning and I did not receive a confirmation e-mail until last night. I still am waiting for yet another e-mail that is supposed to tell me that I can now login. So for everyone wondering what is going on, it just seems like it is a long process.

    One last thing – for everyone who wants to join the Dr Oz Fans support group for the 11 Week Program, I will be sending out an e-mail to everyone who is interested later on this week (so that we can give anyone interested the opportunity to not miss out on anything!). You can join our support group by either leaving a comment here saying that you want to join or by e-mailing us at [email protected]

  43. MaryLou Roberts says

    Why can’t I – and others- get to the 11 week program? I registered during the show yesterday. Still have not received my access information

  44. Elana says

    I am looking forward to get started! I am home 24/7 taking care of my mother whom has Ahlztimers. I don’t have time to go to a gym so I am going to try this 100% at home. Good luck everyone! Let’s do this for us and a healthy 2011 and beyond!

  45. Sue says

    Please add me to the support group. I am so excited to get started and I know having others to talk to that are doing the same thing as me will be a huge help. Good luck everyone!

  46. says

    Thank you Dr. Oz for your compassion to help the people. It is very obvious that you have a mission and call to help the country to get fit and live healthier lives. I am 5’3 and weighed 260 pounds last week right before I had a hysterectomy. I need to lose at least 120 pounds. I will be very happy to lose 100 pounds. I definitely need help and I thank you for this opportunity. God Bless You!!!!

  47. says

    Hope you can help am 5’4″ have gone from 215 to 165 in 2 yrs with herbal magic kind of stuck for the last 3 months need help with diet and also exercise as the weight loss mentioned has been with out an exercise program.HELP!!

  48. says

    please add me to the support group. i am so ready and happy to get started with this 11 week program. thank you Dr.Oz for your love and dedication for helping others like me.

  49. Sandy says

    I want to join the Dr. Oz’s11 week program but like the others, I am getting nothing after registering yesterday. I am not sure what is going on but maybe I can stay informed through this site cause I am ready to get started.

  50. says

    I think we have to wait….until then everyone could check out my website!!! haha………….. shameless plug!!! make sure to click where it says to see all my students…www.paintwithvicki.com

  51. Michelle says

    I would really love to join Dr Oz’s 11 week health program.
    I had a heart attack 2 months ago and realized that I have been given a second chance to get fit and healthy.
    I need help!!

  52. Lisa Beauregard says

    Hi Doc: I quite smoking about 5 years ago and now I really need to lose the 40-50 pounds that I put on. I don’t work and I want to be active! I asked my husband for a treadmill for xmas. It’s really nice. I’d love to be added to your support group. I need that extra push and once I get started, there’s no stopping me. Please help me with that extra push. Lets do it,.. I’m SO pumped! Good Luck everyone.

  53. Sarah says

    add me to the Dr Oz Fans Support Group
    I sent an inquiry to Sharecare. I received the email that others received but I also received the following response at 9:40 AM this morning, 1/04/11, from [email protected]:
    Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for contacting the Support Team. We are glad to help. Once your account is activated by our team, you will receive an e-mail notification with information on how to get started. Please note that this will happen within the next few days, and that you will not be able to login until you receive this e-mail, and that attempting to login before you receive this notification will result in an error message stating you have entered an invalid email.

    No further action is required on your part in the meantime. Please check your e-mail regularly for notification that your account is active and more information on how to get started.

    Thank You for your patience,
    The Support Team

    Important part: NEXT FEW DAYS!!! Patience needed-teehee!

  54. says

    They shouldn’t go prime time with an offer to people who are desperate for help and then are blocked from going forward by bad technology.

    I am a computer engineer and could not get logged in. I must have tried 12 times. It’s not you it’s their website and terrible engineering.

    It is demoralizing to spend over an hour on trying to get logged in even after receiving the activation email.

    I probably won’t go back to it because I’ve already wasted too much time.

  55. says

    I tried to register while the show was on yesterday and figured it was bogged down. It told me that I was going to get an email, but much to my disappointment, I didn’t get one 22 hours later, so I am assuming that I am not registered.

  56. jim jammer says

    help, i am not able to get my activation e-mail. if i don’t get it soon i fear i will never be able to lose weight. I am needing this or else. How will we lose weight if we can’t get to the site. My email address is a valid one, and i set it up on the yahoo.

  57. jim jammer says

    my droz chat is not working and now i am beginning to worry that something is wrong because it’s not like droz to leave us hanging like this.

  58. Missy says

    Wow, I too thought I was the only one who wasn’t getting an email. They must think I’m crazy…I filled out the form prob 10x…..I signed up over 24 hours ago and I’m still waiting, too. At least I feel better now knowing I’m not the only one…

  59. says

    I am waiting to.I am trying to quit smoking and i need this program like you wouldn’t believe how much.I have 3 days punched and hoping to keep going.

  60. says

    Sarah had an answer back from support team saying we will hear from them in the next few days. Till then we can not activate our account. Her messege was about 10 comments up.
    Check it out. Does any one think they acually got in on the free Nike deal? I filled a form out clicked submit… then my computer said webite unavailable ..or something of the sort…ggrrrr

  61. Lala deVaudreuil says

    I also signed up. I also am waiting. Please add me too the e-mail list. Megan dont give up on your self. We all can get to move and lose. Just keep in touch here and though here. We can help each other until they get things worked out on Dr. Oz. Take care everyone

  62. Nancy says

    I also can’t wait to log on to the program but in the meantime I’ve started by eating a lot more healthy foods and have cut back on the calories. Please add me to the support group..I’m going to need it.

  63. angel says

    OMG!!! I am sooo ready for this!! And all the support.. Im LOVING it!!! DR.OZ come on!! We R ready to go!! LOL

  64. GED says

    Geez…..We have to wait. That’s it. We all want to do the program, but until it’s ready to ‘launch’ we just have to wait. I’m anxious too but we aren’t magically going to shed the pounds when we’re fianlly able log in. If people are that desperate to start on the program, drink a few glasses of water and go for a walk we all know that’s on the program… or sign up for the other challenges that you can start RIGHT NOW, at least you’ll have a head start with this program. But seriously, relax.

  65. Kittie says

    GED, that tone is a little negative…. we’re just excited, and anxious to know when we can start. In this day in age where technology enables subscription forms to be confirmed nearly immediately, obviousy people are going to be confused as to whether or not their registration was accepted. This place has no room for your negative tone.

  66. Marilyn says

    The problem with \relaxing\ is that the enthusiasm built up by the presentation and hype of the program may also wane. When deciding to get on a program, you have to strike when the iron is hot. It’s easy to lose enthusiasm when response is slow. A big point of the program was to be \interactive\ but so far the whole thing is counterproductive. Day 2 almost gone from an 11-week program. Zero help with losing weight. What a joke. I wonder if Dr. Oz had any idea how inept the site would be?

  67. Clare Weingarden says

    Glad I decided to do it on my own. To stressed just trying to get through to the site for hours. I have more important things to do. Dr. Oz cannot take on all of us. The numbers of us fatties are to enormous for him and his staff to take us all on. There are a lot of ppl that need support. Were NOT all going to get it. I have emailed the Dr. Oz show many times over the months. I don’t even get a response saying they recieved it. They seem to be too big for their britches. I do believe they have good intentions but the ratio of fat people (me) & staff are enormous. They can’t take us all on.

  68. Sylvia says

    I signed up for the 11 week weight loss program & was told I would receive an e-mail. 24 hours later I have not received one.

  69. Marilyn says

    I am still waiting for an email also. I was very eager to start. This doesn’t look like it is going to work. Sounded like a very good program to follow and help yourself lose weight.

  70. says

    Guys, it will be up soon, they have to do updates and fix up the database and everything. Im anxious too 🙂 But it will be worth waiting for.

  71. Sondra says

    Even posting a notice on the website stating the program isn’t quite ready yet would have been nice. I’ve been bashing my head against my computer screen thinking something was wonky on my end.

  72. Robin says

    I agree with everyone’s comments. I am a Canadian viewer who watched the show. I was planning to join Weight Watchers but after watching the show preferred to sign up for this program as it was free. Dr. Oz enthusiasm is also so infectious. Two days after signing up I have received an acknowledgement email but nothing since. I agree that this is incredibly frustrating as this is supposed to be about doing good business. I agree with everyone that it would be helpful if a generic email was sent out that everything would be up and running in a weeks time.

  73. Sarah says

    Just read that someone got “in” on Facebook about an hour ago (8:30 EST, 1/5/11):
    “I’m in! Finally got the confirmation email and I could go in and start the program. Took a couple hours shy of 48 hrs, but at least I can start. Oh, and they will start you from the day you finally get in, so tracking food up to that poi…nt, is good for you – but doesn’t get logged into the system. ”

    She lives in Florida so perhaps was earlier in the sign-ups (me – around 8 AM CST) so we’ll see what today brings. My weight always balloons in January so I do need this…soooon!!!! And, I totally agree that they could have acknowledged the problem on Facebook or the Website.

  74. Kittie says

    Still no word yet… I was already doing it on my own and getting mild results. But then I heard about this, and thought that this woulld be SO much better- guidance, information from trained professionals. I have’t even gotten an email yet saying that I’ve been registered! I signed up yesterday at 330pm- I don’t care about shoes or no shoes, but I did it so that I could be a part of the program. For me, the real reward for doing it would be losing weight and being fit so I can have a healthy full term pregnancy and a healthy baby (it’s been five YEARS trying). It isn’t about being patient.(Haven’t I been patient enough, anyway?) It’s about good business and service, and as someone else put it “striking while the iron’s hot”. How could the Dr Oz crew not know how large his audience is, and that said audience has friends and families? Being that January is the biggest selling month for gym memberships- as losing weight/being healthy/fit is a common resolution- how did they not know to prepare for so many people to sign up? I’m still going to hope that I get through- but for the time being, I’m going to keep going doing this myself. At least I can depend on me.

  75. jim jammer says

    Well, this is not fair. I am waiting for my account to get activated, and since it is not, I am not losing any weight. I am concerned for Droz. This is going to hurt his image and everyone will be afraid to rely on him again. I am not sure why it is not working, but I do know that Droz is shamed and better do a show to apologize.

  76. says

    This would have been my report for 1/4 if the program had been running. Comments?

    Brkfst – 2 Cups Coffee w/Soy Milk & Stevia
    2 Soft Boiled Eggs
    1 Envelope Instant Oatmeal w/1 Tbsp Wheat Germ, Soy Milk & Stevia

    Snacvk- 1/2 Baked Yam
    Tangerine Juice from Juicer
    1 Tbsp Yogurt w/ Tangerine Pulp & Stevia

    Lunch – Mixed Baby Greens Salad w/ Crumbled Feta & Ranch Dressing (Light)
    Homemade Soup – Chicken, Whole Wheat Pasta, Onions, Mushrooms, Carrots & Zucchini
    1 Tbsp Yogurt w/ Frozen Blueberries

    Snack – Assorted Nuts in Shell
    1 Glass Red Wine

    Dinner – Salad (Same as Kunch)
    4 oz. Steak broiled in Olive Oil
    Steamed Turnips
    Apple Juice from Juicer
    1 Tbsp Yogurt w/ Apple Pulp & Stevia

    Snack – 1 Stick Mozzarella String Cheese
    1 Glass Red Wine

    Water Intake for Day – 64 oz.

    Walked for 30 minutes

  77. jim jammer says

    This is my progress:


    1 cup coffee, 3 tbsp heavy cream, 4 sugar packs
    Dunkin Donut caramel bismark (sans sprinkles)
    Scrambled Eggs, 3
    Heath Bar
    Bacon, 7 strips

    Jumping jacks – 25 minutes


    Ritz Bitz, peanut butter

    Quiznos Ham Torpedo
    Quiznos Turkey Torpedo
    Sun Chips – Cheddar
    Acai Berry Juice Smoothie

    Squat thrusts – 25 minutes

    KFC Whole Fryer (skin removed from wings)
    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy – 1 large side
    Pickles 4
    BBQ Beans – 1 large side
    4 Biscuits (honey and butter)

    Yoga (Downward Facing Dog, Childs Pose) 45 minutes

    Cheesecake, 1/4 (no berry sauce)
    Bud Select 55 (7)

    Squat Thrusts: 45 min

  78. jim jammer says

    lol…actually that report is what i would like to eat…need some motivation to not do that, though!

  79. angel says

    yeah!! he needs to let us know.. I looked on another website and everyone on that one is saying the same thing!

  80. says

    Maybe we should all give Facebook a try and see if we can get just as Sarah did. I’m going to give it a try and will let you all know what happened.

  81. Clare Weingarden says

    Ever think the show was tape months ago and we should of been on the ban wagon in Oct. to be part of this?

  82. Marilyn O. says

    I received an email this afternoon from sharecare, part of which reads: “…If you have not received an email with your user name and password, no need to worry, starting your personal program is right around the corner. We had an incredible registration response to Dr. Oz’s challenge and are working hard to get your account set up as soon as possible…. If you haven’t already, you will receive an email over the next day which will confirm your login, password and notification that your account is active.” Included in the email was a link for the assessment guide. So there is progress.

  83. Carol F says

    I’m relieved to find this website. I thought I was the only one, who had not received my activation email. Now that I know I’m not alone, I can patiently wait.

    PS: I hope they don’t mind that I registered TWICE!!!

  84. Crystal says

    after 53 hrs of waiting I just got an email for the acessment test saying I will recieve login information within the next day. I hope they was litteraly speaking!!! Yay!

  85. Marilyn O. says

    Yay! I just received confirmation of my login information, so I can now access help on the site!

  86. Christine says

    I too am still waiting. It’s been over 48 hours and nothing… I also registered twice thinking something was wrong on my end. Will continue to watch my nails grow in anticipation of that magical email… 😉 Good luck to us all. 2011 will be a great year!

  87. angel says

    okay… i received an update email… that saidCongratulations on beginning your journey to a healthier future!

    If you’ve already received an email with your user name and password, this information will help you get started on the right foot.

    If you have not received an email with your user name and password, no need to worry, starting your personal program is right around the corner. We had an incredible registration response to Dr. Oz’s challenge and are working hard to get your account set up as soon as possible.

    However, we know you are ready to begin your program and want to get you moving right away!

    If your goal is to lose weight, download this assessment guide to test your fitness stamina and determine your resting heart rate. Next, follow the steps in this guide and record your progress over the next 11 weeks.

    If your goal is to get healthy, download this assessment guide to test your fitness stamina and determine your resting heart rate. Next, follow the steps in this guide and record your progress over the next 11 weeks.

    If you haven’t already, you will receive an email over the next day which will confirm your login, password and notification that your account is active.

    Thank you,
    The Sharecare Team

    So thats better than nothing

  88. Marilyn O. says

    Angel, that’s the email I received about 6 hours before I got the login email, so it’s not far behind!

  89. Ree says

    I too initially registered on Monday and was wondering what the hold up was. I finally got my login information and assessment last night so I’m ready to go! Upon login, you’ll take a fitness/health assessment and begin building your profile. They did mention in the emails that they had an overwhelming response to the program so they’re working hard to get everyone’s account setup. So don’t worry guys….it’s on it’s way soon! 🙂

    The official email confirming you’re ready to start reads as follows:

    Congratulations on your decision to join Dr. Oz’s 11 weeks to Move it to Lose it in 2011! You have taken the first step to living a healthier lifestyle.

    It is now time to complete your fitness assessment. This series of questions and measurements will be used to assess your current level of physical fitness and build your custom 11-week program.

    Once you have completed the assessment, our virtual training software will crunch the numbers and deliver your custom 11-week program. You will have access to menus, diet information, exercise programs (including videos!), virtual personal coaching, and real-time progress reports, all located under the “Coach” tab on your Profile Page. Upon initial login you will be prompted to complete the assessment.

    Login email: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
    Password: “xxxxxxxxx”

    After completing your Fitness Assessment, feel free to begin building your Profile Page on Sharecare. You can use your Profile Page to let others see your progress, as well as see how your Friends are doing on the challenge. Your Sharecare Profile Page is a home base for your personal challenge experience, as well as a way to get to know Sharecare and let others on Sharecare get to know you.

  90. Cathy says

    I got the email but can’t access the weight loss guide assessment. Any other people find this?

  91. says

    Tried signing up 4 times over 4 days. Still have not received log in email or any email. Emailed 4 different email addresses at sharecare and dr oz and no response from them either.

  92. Yvonne S. says

    I am so thankful for finding this site. Thought I was the only one who could not sign up for MIALI.
    I am losing faith though as I signed up Tuesday morning and here it is Thursday morning 🙁
    No email saying Another email is coming to complete the registration, no response to a query as to whether they even received the registration, and nothing showing that they have been overwhelmed by the massive number of people trying to register.
    You’d think someone could at least post a notice on Dr.Oz’s site that things are in the works and everyone will get processed. Eventually.

  93. Sarah says

    OK, I got my sign-in yesterday but was away so just started today. My initial attempts to log what I ate for breakfast and the walking I did for exercise were less than satisfying. You would think a bowl of oatmeal with 1/4 of an apple would be easy. When I search for Apple, it was all things with apples in it. I finally searched for Produce and got a peeled apple (mine had skin). As for Exercise, there is no “Log Exercise” button as there is a “Log Food” button. I cannot find, even if I walk their 14 minute “My Walking Program”, a way to get credit for the exercise. So, the graphic of a person shows me eating (green) but no exercise (burning colors)! Hopefully, you will all eventually get to sign-in but just warning you that it still is not functioning very well. Has anyone else made it in and logged exercise? I do have to say that having a community (YOU) does help with the frustration. We are not going to let computer glitches/errors take us down!

  94. says


    You don’t know how much I appreciate your email.

    I’m in my 11th week right (just a coincidence) of our own program (a support group of three).

    In the 11 weeks, I have lost 13 pounds, my BMI has dropped from 30.6 to 28.6, my average
    Blood Pressure is 116/68 and my average Blood Glucose is 117.

    This is all due to eating properly and walking each day.

    As a result, your email has helped me to drop the Dr. Oz progam altogether. Who needs him?

  95. Christine says

    Hi all,

    I’m still waiting for an email as well. Haven’t received any email yet. I must be at the end of the line! Lol.

  96. Kittie says

    John- you’re my hero! Thanks for your kind words and your great posts on how you’ve been doing! They’re really motivating!

    So far, over 48 later, still no email of any kind.

  97. Sarah says

    sammymac17, you are a poster child for Dr. Oz’s beliefs! You are doing a great job at the rate at which they like you to lose (1 pound per week). Congrats! Glad my post was helpful.

  98. Marilyn O. says

    I agree with Sarah that the site is not intuitive and hard to find simple foods like an apple. I hope they can make it more user-friendly. It’s too time-consuming to figure it out, when there are other sites with the same type of tracking information, but easier to use.

  99. Sarah says

    I’ve been looking at the logs.
    I guess you just set your exercise level and the program assumes you are doing it! I thought some exercise plans would be given…have I missed them?
    I am liking having to log my food. I am down to 68 calories left for the day…time to go to bed? haha

  100. sandy says

    Has anyone experienced any issues trying to join the program, I keep registering, all I get is a message that I will recieve an email to activate the account but it has been days and I have yet to recieve anything, am I missing something?

  101. Marilyn O. says

    Sarah, I haven’t gotten that far yet. I just started to explore the exercise portion, and have exercise scheduled to start tomorrow. There is so much to learn yet about the mechanics of the site.
    I’m getting frustrated with simple stuff, like adding foods. E.g., I found asparagus, but there is no indication what is considered a “portion” of fresh asparagus. I spend too much time searching for information from other sources, when they should have it there for us. I wish they had a moderated discussion board where our questions could be answered for all to see. The only links I found for contact were through email only. Does anybody know of any discussion boards for the sharecare program site? I feel like we are groping in the dark. In the meantime, if anyone gets details figured out, I hope you share it here.

  102. Chris says

    Has everyone gotten on successfully? I just received an email today telling me my account had been set up. They were having delays because of the huge response.

    By the way, under the ‘coach’ tab, my start date is showing today. Well, I don’t have my food plan ready yet to start. I’d like to make my start day Monday. Can anyone help me out?


  103. says

    sandy…looks like some ppl have gotten on but most of us will be waiting for a day or so. Guess they were NOT ready for more than a couple thousand folks being interested

  104. says

    I registered two days ago and have not received an email with my login information. Is there a problem with the site? Several of my framily and friends are experiencing the same problem.

  105. Marilyn O. says

    Has anyone else had to sign in numerous times when you use the browser’s back button to navigate the sharecare site? Sometimes a tab leads to a non-functional page, and then I have to sign in again when I try to go back. It’s frustrating.

  106. Chris says

    Yes, Marilyn O., I’ve been having the same problem – having to log in again when I have to use the back button to get back to the site. Very frustrating!!! I hope they fix it.

  107. margaret conners says

    I have tried to logon, but it said my password was incorrect. So I hit forgot password and it said they had noone listed at my e-mail address. I then re-registered an it told me I was already registered. HELP!!!!!!!

  108. Crystal says

    WEll I got my update email 2 DAYS ago on the 5th at night. for the assement…well its is now the 7th at 9:28 am and still have not recieved login info. Im interested in when you all with your login info signed up so I can know about how long its taking on average. I signed up at 3pm the day it aired…im not complaining well not too much I just want to make sure that its coming..and its not something I did. lol

  109. Crystal says

    still waiting. and I signed up at 3pm the day it aired..im on eatern time..ladeda ladeda..but I already started food loggin and exersing..just wish it would hurry!!

  110. Sarah says

    Crystal, I signed up at 8ish AM on Monday, the day it aired. Two days later, Wed at 6:07 PM from 11 Week Program I got the Update/Assessment email…followed by Wed at 7:11 PM from Sharecare I got the Login and Password confirmation email and could enter the program. Your timetable is slower, probably because of the heavy load during the day on Monday. Hope this helps.

  111. Nina says

    Does anyone know how to log in exercise? That is confusing. How do you get friends to have a support group? I feel kind of lost. I am excited and want to make sure this happens for me but after waiting four days just for a log in it get a little discuraging! I need some support and I am looking to you guys to keep me motivated!

  112. Sarah says

    Nina, I have the same questions. I know a couple people posting her have become friends but I cannot find anyone. This program appears to assume that you do the exercise!

  113. says

    You would think by now something of this magnitude would have gotten back to someone of responsibility at the Dr Oz Team HQ and some kind of blog etc would have given us the reasoning about problem and an expected cure date so we can all get on with it. Loosing confidence Dr Oz ….we all got that…

  114. Yvonne says

    3 days later and still no email to finish registration. Is anyone else still waiting to finish getting registered?

  115. Christine says

    I’m using a food log app on my phone & using a fitbit tracker to log my daily steps. I was just looking forward to Dr. Oz’s program to have more support…

  116. Yvonne says

    Have you used those before and were they successful even a tiny bit? I was really excited to have a place to do all this And a community of others who are in the same place as myself. A support system that doesn’t involve people who have No clue (never been heavy in there lives) about weight loss or struggling with non weight loss etc.
    Please post when you finally “get in”

  117. Nina says

    I got in last night. It tracks your food (not as user friendly as The Daily Plate) also it doesn’t really track your exercise… you can’t put in what your doing for exercise like you can on The daily Plate. I am not really satisfied with this right now. All this hype I really thought they would have had exercise videos or suggestions… Maybe I couldn’t find it but I see nothing. Also thought we would have support but it doen’t seem like you get that much. This is not the most user friendly program. I am going to give it a week but after that if I don’t see improvements then I am out!

  118. Yvonne says

    Has anyone used Ediets? I saw an ad a day after \registering\ for Dr. Oz’s program and dismissed it as I was sure MI&LI would be ideal. After reading the comments here maybe another program would be better? More intuitive and user-friendly.

  119. Christine says


    I have been successful before with the food log & the fitbit tracker and lost 40 of the 75 pounds I had to lose but fell off the wagon & gained it all back. I think for me, my biggest problem is motivation and doing it alone. Having support from real people who are going through it definitely makes a difference. 🙂

  120. Yvonne says

    That is Exactly why I joined MI&LI. I just don’t have enough motivation/will-power long enough to stick with my own feeble attempts at losing as much as I need to and then to keep it off. I don’t know how many times in the last several years I started my own hobbled together exercise/walking/eating right program. None lasted more than a couple of months.
    Maybe this is the wrong mentality but I really, Really looked forward to this as an Aha-Finally kind of push.

  121. Brenda says

    It’s been 4 days since I signed up for the 11 week plan and still haven\t received the email. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one!!!!

  122. Missy says

    I agree with so many of your comments. I was hoping for some more menus to pick from (with regular food that I can find in rural Ohio). How does it know how many calories I’m burning? When I set it up it asked me what I did all day and picked the one that fit me best, which wasn’t really close….I’m a teacher and I don’t sit all day…I’m up walking around most of the day, but that wasn’t an option. Also, I walked 1.5 miles the first night and wish I could have logged that and had that counted in my calories burned. I’m going to keep it up, but I hope the website improves. I too want friends and a blog. How do we get that??????????????

  123. Dawn says

    I finally got in tonight. I feel like the site is very difficult to navigate and not user friendly…and I am a techie! I can’t find anyone, can’t track my exercise very easily, and feel limited by the reference menus. (I can only see one day at a time.)

    I would recommend Sparkpeople.com. It is also a free site, and it takes much less time to figure out. It is very encouraging, helpful, and user friendly. You can track both food and exercise, and if you go on a walk there is actually a map that will help you track your miles and tell you the calories burned. It even has an app for I-Phones!

    I plan to continue to use SparkPeople and check in with Dr. Phil to see if I can get any tips or if they make it more user friendly.

    Good luck ladies. I am frustrated that I spent so much time sitting at my computer trying to figure out why I couldn’t register, and then waiting to figure it all out. I want to spent this precious time moving, planning my food purchases, and eating right! 🙂

  124. Sarah says

    Dawn, believe it or not, I had never heard of Sparkpeople.com before your post. I am checking it out. Thanks.

  125. Tasha says

    Hi everyone,

    Missy: When you go to your homepage there are links at the top above your picture – choose blog and start typing 🙂

    Sheryl: It takes a long time to get the registration email…I don’t think there is anything you can do other than wait, but keep track of your stuff so you can enter it once you get in.

    Pancho: you need to register on the sharecare website and wait for an email that says you are enrolled. The email will take a few days, some people have been waiting for about 5 or 6 days!! So lots of patience is needed

    Everyone: add me as a friend – Tasha Smith


  126. Chris says

    I don’t understand how the excercise log works. I don’t have the activity tab/step tracker
    tab the FAQ talks about. All that I have is the create program thing which puts hearts in the calendar but how do you tell it if you’ve actually worked out that day? I don’t mean an activity log where you type out the info. Rather, how does it know how many calories you’ve burned with that excercise and how will it connect that information to the chart to tell it the daily calories you burned so it will be accurate?

    Also, I can’t seem to connect/find any friends on the system. Do you have to know people to add them as a friend? I don’t know any people so I can’t search. Is there a directory??
    I have added one friend via another blog where I got her info, but when I click on her profile I can’t
    share’ or message/communicate with her?

    There seems to be no communication on people’s profiles…! Is there a chat forum. Where is everybody and are they even there?

    Also, many times when I navigate to a page and I hit the back button I have to re-log in.

    Please help.

  127. Lynne says

    I had to sign in 2 times after 3 days of waiting and have spent most of Saturday trying to navigate through. Could has spent that time moving instead. I keep getting timed out and the tutorial took 2&1/2 hours to load – same thing with another computer. Very user unfriendly. I thought some exercise plan would be loaded for me – I am not the expert so I have spent the day trying to research target heart rates, etc. And the definition of some other. Can find no recipes. Can’t find out how to add the extra 5 minutes of exercise I did today, etc. Very difficult. My own nutrition program on Excel and my pedometer on I=phone seem to be working better. Very disappointing and not user friendly. I have not yet read any compliments yet. Could the program not really be started yet?

  128. Jennifer says

    I am one of those who registered on Mon. & still haven’t recieved anything yet. I was really excited but after exploring the site I am not that impressed. It seems very hard to navigate & so much going on it’s overwhelming. Oh well I am sure there will be people with great success with this! Good luck…exploring other options.

  129. Christine says

    Yvonne & Jennifer,

    I just got in today FINALLY and have to say, I’m a bit underwhelmed with the site. It’s rather confusing and having to re-login constantly is a nuisance. I’m going to check other sites. Yvonne, have you gotten in yet? How can I find you to add you as a friend? I’m going to check the Sparkle website & see if that’s more user-friendly. Good luck to us all. I’m going to keep navigating Sharecare & see if it gets any better. 🙂

  130. Sandy says

    I have tried and tried and can’t get on the website. I guess I’ll move on to another program, although I love Dr. Oz and wanted to do this one. I have signed up now 3 times, have received nothing in email. Can’t navigate the site to find any help. I got nothing. I wish luck to all who make it through this program. I just can’t get in.

  131. Jessie Frazier says

    I kept thinking while watching the show that the program seemed “too good, to be true”. Now it looks like it might be true, especially since I can see that like myself many of us have registered but without any response to the actual program as offered. Please respond so that while I won’t have the benefit of being on the program for the full 11 weeks, but at least I can start the plan. Thanks

  132. says

    AHHHHHHH! I also signed up for Dr Oz challenge on the 7th and still no email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TO GET STARTED!!!!

  133. Sarah says

    As someone suggested, I tried SparkPeople.com and since it is so much better for logging/support you will find me there. It is rated #1 in free sites (with Weight Watchers #1 in pay sites). I kind of think the Dr. Oz site was trying to be like SparkPeople but was in a very Beta form. I feel sad leaving the nice people on this board and the perhaps more personal, medically knowledgeable touch that the Dr. Oz site was to promised to be.

  134. Yvonne says

    Finally got my email to complete registration late Friday night. I will go through and see how bad it is but I am also going to look into Sparkpeople as others have mentioned and compare them.
    Has anyone else done this? If so would you share your findings?

  135. Christine says


    I tried searching you as well and about 50 Yvonne’s popped up. Lol. What is your last name’s first initial? Mine is N. Try searching Christine N. 🙂

  136. Lynne says

    I left a comment on Saturday, today on Sunday afternoon there was a link up on the coaching page for the FAQ that was not there before. One of the questions was inputting number of steps and the answer was that there was a step tracker, but I sure couldn’t find it. Just thought I would pass that along.

  137. Yvonne says

    Christine, last initial is S. I’ll try looking later when I have a chance to sit down with the site again.
    Hope to find you.

  138. Lisa says

    How long does it take to receive information after you register? I registered first thing this morning and haven’t received an e-mail with instructions for the next step.

  139. Tess says

    It’s been days since I registered …but they have not sent me the questionare to get started with…can someone tell me how to get some help?

  140. marlo says

    Yeah it blows lol. No emails sent out and they post fake posts from you. Its not user friendly and you can’t incorporate exercise into your daily deficit. And their idea of tracking is just typing it in but not incorporating it in your totals for the day. If I work out I want to see what that does for me for the day. Im not sure how long Ill stick with this…its almost like they didnt put much thought into it at all.

  141. Yvonne says

    Just to let you know I registered Tuesday morning(8:35) last week and did not get the email to complete registration until after 9pm Friday night.
    Christine-found one listing of a Christine N. but no button or means to add. Any luck on your end? It should be Yvonne Smith or Yvonne S.

  142. Crystal says

    I just got an email saying something about wk1. I havent even got the freaking log in info and I signed in last monday…I keep getting updates but no tthe info I want.!!!

  143. says

    Okay, it has been 7 days since I did the initial registration but still no notification. What does the notification look like? Does it indicate Dr. Oz’s program, “welcome”, or is it from sparkpeople. I am so dissappointed about this incredible delay. Thanks.

  144. says

    I am having a difficult time getting into the food log. I was in it once and able to log food but can’t seem to get there again. What is the site I should be going into…how do I get there?

  145. says

    It took 3-4 days to receive password and gain access to sharecare after signing up. I can only guess that there was a massive amount of people signing up, therefore the backlog and delay. Once you get there it seems to have a lot of useful tools. I am still trying to find the “step tracker” that was mentioned in a recent email from sharecare. There was also mention of an activity tracker. I am wanting to be able to log my current pilates routine in my exercise log, but the instructions said to click on “custom exercise” to add your own routine… I have not been able to find this feature. If anyone else here has had better luck with those features, I would love to hear about it!

  146. Lynne says

    Re you comments about the activity tracker I am copying in the email I received about that>

    Our apologies for the confusion. Some aspects of the software have been removed in order to streamline the experience and your program. These include:

    – Activity Tracker Tab
    – Custom Exercise
    – Step Tracker

    Due to response from users like yourself, we are working to reintegrate the popular Step Tracker tool into the program in the coming weeks. Please check for this in the My Exercise tab of your program and in the meantime, keep taking those steps!

    If you’d like to enter a custom type of exercise, we recommend you create a cardio program for the duration and timing of your exercise routine, and focus on keeping your heart rate in the ranges set up by the program. You can also enter any exercise you do that’s not set up by the system into your exercise log to help you track your progress throughout the program.

    We have updated the FAQ section of the site, but the current links will still point to the previous FAQ with these items mentioned. Again, our apologies for the confusion. Please refer to the newly updated FAQ here while we work on getting the current links on the site updated in the upcoming week.


    Thanks and best of luck in reaching your goals!
    The Support Team

  147. HP says

    The sharecare website is crazy hard to navigate. There is some good information in the site but it is not user friendly. I constantly get lost and can’t figure out how to get back to my profile nor can I figure out how to get to the weight loss challenge page. They have alot of tutorials to help you but the bottom line is to be effective an online website should be intutive. You shouldn’t have to watch hours worth of video vinyettes to plug in a few facts about yourself. Also, the tools for food entry and exercise entry are not completely functional and therefore none of the information can be updated accordingly. Only someone with ALOT of time on their hands would even try to navigate through this mess. There are other free sites that do a much better job of allowing you to keep up with your caloric intate and exercise log. Sadly, it looks as though Dr. Oz is another celebrity who got taken by a tech company trying to make a buck off his name. This is site is a disaster!

  148. Marilyn O. says

    HP, how true. I was one of the first ones to get access to the site, but was too frustrating, so I’ve given up on it. If they can’t make it easy to use, that is the result they should expect. Other sites are friendlier. My high expectations and enthusiasm for the program have taken a nosedive and crashed. On to something else.

  149. Yvonne says

    I too was sooo excited to join Dr.Oz and MI&LI but the site is way too frustrating for me. Anyway I saw sparkpeople listed in a comment above and figured I would try both and see which one is easier (for me at least). And the winner is, sorry to say, SparkPeople.
    Just thought I’d share with everyone here that SparkPeople.com is awesome.
    and no I have no connections whatsoever. Just trying to help out others like me (60+ to lose)

  150. rebecca says

    Just wanted to say thanks to the user who have mentioned Spark People.com. like Dawn around 1/7/11. Since joining an tracking I have lost close to 10 lbs in 3 weeks. I wish I would know your SP handle. My best wishes to you all.

  151. michelle says

    dr. oz i love you.. ,watch listen, but look up to you as a true human being, but can please tell me why i cant sine up on you web site to look at my mist shows////????? help UR TRUE NUMBER ONE FANE

  152. Deloris M. Simms says

    I have made several attempts to enter Dr. Oz’s challenge, all to no avail. The computer kicks me at the quiz step. Help!


  153. Lanora BARRETT says

    I joined weight watchers 3 weeks ago and have not opened the book to get any kind of understanding.What is the problem with me.I really want to do this and i believe i can.Will somebody please help! help! Where do i start?

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