Dr Oz: 2-Day Holiday Detox Meal Plan & Chocolate Tea Review

Dr Oz: Holiday Detox Plan

It is the holiday season, which is when many of us indulge while spending time with family and friends. To keep your body on track, Dr. Oz revealed his 2-Day Holiday Detox so you do not have to stop eating the delicious treats you love most this time of year.

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Dr. Oz says his Holiday Detox is not just a juice cleanse since you can still eat the foods you love at every holiday party. His cleanse is unique because it gets rid of bloat, rebalances blood sugar, removes toxins and recharges your metabolism. Is there one treat that you simply cannot live without this time of year? Do you crave it even though you know it is not good for your diet? If so, Dr. Oz has some solutions to help you find a healthier alternative.


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