Dr Oz: 3 Day Fat Flush Shopping List & Fatty Acid Breakfast Shake


Dr Oz: How To Flush Fat

Dr Oz’s guest, Dr Mark Hyman, outlined a three-day plan that uses low-fat foods to flush fat, eliminate toxins, decrease insulin resistance, and fight inflammation. Those are all good things, and Dr Oz enlisted nine viewers to test the plan for themselves.

Dr Hyman said that our bodies are addicted to flour and sugar, but we can break those cycles and change our hormones and brain chemistry in the process. The first step is preparation, because you will probably need to go shopping to stock up on fat flushers, such as fiber, protein, fruit, and healthy fat. (Keep reading for a handy shopping list!)

Dr Oz: Fat Flushing Broth Recipe

The Broth Recipe used in Dr Hyman’s plan is meant to energize and satisfy you, and one woman claimed it helped her to lose five pounds during the program. Though she did not think of herself as a fan of veggies, she did grow to love this broth.



  1. karen merritt says

    how much water do you boil your veggies in to make the 3 day fat flush broth by Mark Hyman. It was not included in the recipe.

  2. says

    How much water do you boil the veggies in for the broth.
    How do we follow the fat flush diet? Do we do the broth for breakfast, smoothie for lunch and protein at dinner? Do we do all 3 each day?

  3. says

    Discard the vegetables or save them for another use. Use three quarts of water to make your broth.

    You could drink the shake at breakfast and get three to four cups of broth whenever you like throughout the day. You will also need three to four ounces of protein and two cups of fiber for each day of the plan.

  4. heidi says

    I am wondering if the 3 day flush diet i have to do all 3 different things each day, the shake , the broth, an protein? Or do I pick only one an consume that all day for 3 days? For example I’m thinking drink the broth all day for 3 days only. Is this correct?

  5. says

    Can you tell how to follow the 3 day fat flush diet. Do we drink just the broth for the fist 3 days or do we have the smoothie and the protein and fiber combo during the first 3 days. I need some direction. Thanks

  6. krista says

    I am wondering how many read this. It says it simply how to.do it. Go back and read it. All the questions are the same.

  7. Andi says

    How often should you do the fat flush? I try it this week. I normally follow the basic plan in the 10 day detox book by Dr Hyman. I usually lose 1 to 3 lbs with exercise daily. This week I lost 6.8lbs.

  8. Kit says

    I did this a week ago and lost 2.8 pounds and most of it came off my abdomen. I was able to wear some clothing that was getting too tight. So I am going to give it another go this week. I felt good, had better energy and slept good too!

  9. B, MacPeek says

    I made the broth exactly according to the instructions with 3 quarts of water but only ended up with a little over a quart of broth and since 4 cups equals a quart and I am supposed to drink 12 cups of broth in 3 days how do I get 8 more cups of broth? Do I add 2 quarts of water to my broth? Do I add more water to the remaining vegetables and try to make more broth? The numbers just don’t add up.

  10. B, MacPeek says

    Also was wondering since we are supposed to eat vegetables with our lunch and dinner meals, could we just eat those vegetables, or is that not recommended? If not, I was wondering if anyone came up with some good recipes/soups for using the remaining vegetables. It seems a shame to just throw it all away….also makes for a very expensive broth:)

  11. Sarah says

    Is this broth safe during pregnancy? I’m in the first month, and I’m having trouble keeping down veggies. I loved this broth when I wasn’t pregnant, so I was thinking it might be a good way to get my veggies. I wouldn’t be using it to lose weight, just to get enough vitamins and minerals. Before pregnancy I would just use it for extra veggies, and just eat a regular diet, which is what I would use it for now as long as it isn’t detrimental.

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