Dr Oz: 3 Steps To Treat Yeast Overgrowth & Probiotic Supplement Review


Dr Oz: 3 Steps to Treat Yeast Overgrowth

Dr. Oz revealed the shocking reason for your exhaustion and the simple test you can do at home to see if yeast overgrowth is the reason for your constant fatigue. He and Dr. Elizabeth Boham shared the symptoms to watch out for as well the causes of yeast overgrowth that begin with the foods you are eating. Now see how you can get your energy back and heal your gut in just 3 easy steps!

Dr Oz: Tips to Fight Exhaustion

Dr. Elizabeth Boham says you can reduce the yeast in your gut and get your energy back by following 3 simple steps and making a few changes to your diet.


  1. debbie says

    Can anyone suggest a good probiotic?
    I was taking phillips colon health but it only has 1.5 billion bifido/lacto and it’s manufactured in Japan. I rather have something made here in the US.

  2. polly says

    Hi You have take you should take the Thyme Oil tincture: take 1-3 milliliters orally 3 times a day
    Thyme Oil can be applied directly to an infection, like in the case of Athlete’s Foot.

    However, this is the opposite of what should be said.

  3. polly says

    Maybe I should say that the Thyme oil is the one you should take orally, the tincture is the one you apply to the skin.

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