Dr. Oz: How A 340-Pound Doctor Turned Life Around & Lost 125 Pounds


Dr. Oz: Doctor Gains Weight

Dr. John Ellis came by Dr. Oz’s show to talk about his weight loss journey. As a doctor, you would think Dr. Ellis knew how to eat. He was the youngest student in his medical school class and was on top of the world when he started medical school. But there was a lot of stress. Patients he dealt with on average in the operating room would have a 5 percent chance of dying. He found that after difficult times in the operating room, he would eat to soothe himself.



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    Dr.Oz How a 340-Pound Doctor Turned life around & Lost 125 lbs., Good afternoon DR I have been obese and I am not able to walk. My feet go but my legs stop. The pain is incredible. I know I am going to die soon. What should I do? Eating food that is good for me I EAT. iS THERE ANY THING i SHOULD DO.

    Jim Jonas

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