Dr Oz: The 5 Bite Diet Review + Five Bite Diet Meal Plan Success Story


Dr Oz: The 5 Bite Diet

Dr. Oz has always said and believed that the secret to losing weight and keeping it off is a healthy diet, but today he discusses an extreme new way to lose 15 pounds in one week. He sits down with the doctor who says you can eat anything you want, five bites at a time, but is his weight loss diet safe?

Dr Oz: Ideal Weight Calculation by Dr Alwin Lewis

Dr Oz: The 5 Bite Diet Review + Five Bite Diet Meal Plan Success Story

Dr Alwin Lewis claims his 5 Bite Diet is a healthy way to lose weight by eating anything you want, just 5 bites at a time.



  1. says

    I lost 70 plus pounds in 19 weeks, and I did eat 10-15 bites a day some days. Go to countyourbites.blogspot.com to find out more about counting bites for weight loss. It works!

  2. Crystal says

    I have been Dr. Lewis patient for 3 weeks. I am overweight, 30 pounds. I lost 15 pounds last year, had been more but a bought with mono and an under diagnosed thyroid, I put 15 back. Dr. Lewis is a kind, intelligent man. He has helped me with other health issues, but truly wants me to lose the weight for me, my health. Gotta be honest, I thought he was over the top, at first. But he isn’t doing this for fame, or because he has issues with heavy people. He is on a mission to keep people healthy. I trust him, read his book and am now on day 2 of his Snickers diet. (Personally, I’m using a high grade protein bar.)

    A dear friend lost her Aunt to an issue with a stomach bypass she had 20 years ago. 3-4 years ago I almost lost a cousin to an infection from lap band. I lost my mother to complications from type 2 Diabetes, my husband to heart issues, complicated with a robust belly on a skinny man. Now these stories scare me.
    Wish me luck.

  3. Christine Johnson says

    I’m going to try this for 1 week. I hope I can make it through day 1! I will add creamer to my coffee though!

  4. Tracy says

    I started the 5 bite diet on April 28th. Today is day 5…I feel fine, although my mind tells me I need to eat more , my stomach has not. I have enjoyed being able to pick whatever I want to eat, I think thats the best part of the diet to me. I couldn’t help myself and weighed this morning. If the scale is right then I have lost 13 pounds in under a week so far!? I am sticking to it and will see how far I can go. I am obese and would like to get back to my highschool weight or in a size 14.
    My menu today is:
    Breakfast-Coffee and daily multivitamin gummy’s (2)
    Lunch- 2 bites BBQ Tri-Tip and 1 bite of green bean casserole, 1 bite of mac and cheese and 1 bite sized tangerine
    Dinner-5 bites off of a slice of pizza
    Plus I have been drinking lots of water, tea and flavored no-calorie carbonated water.

  5. says

    I began this diet on Monday May 5 and have already lost 6.4 pounds. Because I feel I must have breakfast I start each day with a coffee and a lowfat yogurt. It has been difficult but I feel like this may work for me.

  6. says

    I am a 3rd shift worker 4 days a week, and 3 normal days off. Would this diet still work for me, and how would I nake it work?

  7. Marlana Boyer says

    This diet REALLY REALLY WORKS! I started on APRIL 27,2014 @ 301lbs and I’m down -174 as of December 30,2014!!!! I’m such a happy & blessed person! Follow my journey on instagram @ cmbnd1222

  8. Katie says

    I just started this today. I thought it seemed unrealistic, but for lunch I got a frozen “Annie’s” bean enchilada (I’m a vegetarian so have to be careful to get enough protein). Well 5 bites was the whole enchilada! So it seems you can eat enough just small portions. My only concern is I’m addicted to coffee but I hate black coffee! I’m hoping if I just use a small amount of creamer it won’t mess up my progress.

  9. Katelynn says

    I’m gonna try this for sure. I’m overweight by 40 pounds. I believe my medication has made me gain a little but the rest is my fault. Congrats to all of you who have met your weight goal and to those who are staying strong. You got this 😘

  10. Marie says

    I am 140 lbs and need to get down to at least 110 (I have to because I have a very big event), I want to start tomorrow on Monday. So if I have a cup of water or green y tea in the morning and 5 bites of food for lunch and 5 bites for dinner, no snacking, will it work? How long do you think? Any tips? I’m desperate

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