Dr Oz: 5 Diet Myths | Pasta Makes You Fat & Is Eating Late Ok?


Dr Oz: Diet Myths-Fact or Fiction?

Dr Oz loves to break Health Myths, like his show on Fatigue Myths.  So in addition to busting myths today, he also gave a fat burning “miracle” called Rice Bran Oil.  Stop sabotaging your weight loss! On today’s show, Doctor Oz gave you the skinny on 5 of the most commonly believed diet myths. Many people believe that eating fat will make you fat. False! Eating off small plates will help you lose less—again, FALSE! Many things we’ve heard about diets are not only false, they’re making us fat! Two of the many Golden Rules you swear by to help lose weight include eating low-fat and fat-free foods to cut calories and believing that dairy makes you fat. Is this true? Read on to find out.

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