Dr Oz: 5-HTP Appetite Suppressant Cuts Hunger In Half & Improves Mood

By on January 31, 2013

Dr Oz: 5-HTP Cuts Hungers In Half

Are you always hungry? Do you literally watch the clock as you wait for your next meal? Today Dr. Oz had the natural appetite suppressant that will cut your hunger in half! First, he wanted to explain what causes your hunger in the first place. They are factors like your hormones, a blood sugar crash, refined carbs, alcohol and stress. Dr. Oz said that it is actually your brain that is in charge of your hunger, though, so he had the solution to help you get control of your brain and lock up your hunger for good.

Dr Oz: 5 HTP Natural Appetite Suppressor

Dr. Oz said that the key to naturally suppressing your hunger lies in a supplement called 5-HTP. Dr. Tasneem Bhatia explained that 5-HTP could be a secret weapon for losing weight because it is a chemical that naturally occurs in the body. She told Dr. Oz that 5-HTP has been used for many years to treat appetite and as a mood stabilizer, but it is found naturally in the seeds of a West African plant and can be purchased over-the-counter in supplement form. Dr. Denise Bruner added that 5-HTP is transported to the brain where it makes Serotonin. Serotonin is that chemical that makes us feel good and happy and Dr. Bruner said when we are happy, we eat less. Dr. Bruner said that 5-HTP has been used by medical professionals for many years.

Dr Oz: 5-HTP Appetite Suppressant Cuts Hunger In Half & Improves Mood

Dr. Oz said that 5-HTP is a natural appetite suppressant that improves your mood by boosting serotonin levels in your brain.

Dr Oz: 5-HTP Increases Serotonin Level

Dr. Oz demonstrated that when our Serotonin levels are low, our hunger tends to be high, so the 5-HTP works to push down your hunger. This will cause the Serotonin to flood your brain, which makes your hunger go away.

Dr Oz: 5-HTP Weight Loss For Emotional Eaters

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia told Dr. Oz that she most often recommends 5-HTP as a weight loss supplement to patients who are emotional eaters. They are usually the people who are stressed and often eat unconsciously, not even aware of how much they are eating, so 5-HPT is a good choice for them because it will not only boost their mood, but it will suppress their appetite at the same time.

Dr Oz: 5-HTP Improves Mood

Dr. Pina Loguidice explained that 5-HTP is a better choice than other appetite suppressants because those often include added ingredients like fillers, which can actually cause you to feel sleepy. She added that the 5-HTP is better overall because it boosts a person’s mood, helps them to sleep better and then helps them to make better food choices in the morning.

Dr Oz: 5-HTP Slow Weight Loss Method

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia told Dr. Oz that her patients lose an average of half a pound to one pound a week on 5-HTP, which makes it a slow form of weight loss. Dr. Bhatia pointed out that slow weight loss is a good thing because it will last longer, even for patients who stop taking the 5-HTP. Dr. Oz agreed that he prefers a slower method of weight loss because it gives a person a much better chance at long-term success. He added that some of the data shown from women who have used 5-HTP to lose weight is especially incredible because they ate an average of 100 less grams of carbs a day, which is the equivalent of four donuts or eight slices of bread.

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