Dr. Oz: The 7 Day Plan to Detox Without Juicing & How Do Detoxes Work?


Dr. Oz: The Plan to Detox Without Juicing

Dr. Oz kicked off his show by talking about a plan for detoxing without juicing. Dr. Woodson Merrell argues we can detox with real, whole foods rather than juicing. If you stick to a rainbow plant-based diet, whole foods will provide everything you need to be incredibly healthy. This is potentially something you could do for the rest of your life because it’s an incredibly healthy diet.

Dr. Oz: Why Detox?

Dr. Merrell said everyone needs to detox because the Centers for Disease Control has shown us that each of us has approximately 140 toxic chemicals in us. These chemicals have been implemented in chronic problems like fatigue, brain fog, migraine, allergies, asthma, weight gain, diabetes, and indigestion. Studies have shown that 70 percent of chronic problems like this are caused by an imbalance in lifestyle and environment. That’s something you can change with this 7 Day Detox.

Dr. Oz: How Do Detoxes Work?

Dr. Oz: The 7 Day Plan to Detox Without Juicing & How Do Detoxes Work?

Dr. Oz talked to an expert to find out about a 7-day detox plan to rid the body of toxins without juicing and while eating plenty of whole, healthy foods. (anshu18 / Shutterstock.com)


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