Dr Oz: A, B or C – What’s Your Metabolism Type?


Dr Oz: Metabolism Types

Over the years, you’ve probably heard Dr Oz talk about body types or blood types. But what about metabolism types? This could be the hot new trend in health, and it explains why certain foods have different effects on you than on a friend. Dr Oz explained how to find out your metabolism type.

To explain more about this, Dr Oz invited three sisters, Sarah, Jenna, and Emily, to appear on the show. Despite their similar builds and ages, their metabolisms are not the same. Here’s what you can learn about the basics of metabolism types.

Dr Oz: Sarah’s Salty Snacks

Dr Oz: A, B or C - What's Your Metabolism Type?

Dr Oz met three sisters, each with a different metabolism type. What’s your metabolism type: A, B or C? Find out the characteristics.



  1. says

    Hi Dr. Oz,
    I took your test for the Metabolism and I am a type 3.
    I was wondering how do you measure your food out? Measuring cups or a food scale?
    Thanks for your help.
    Your Great!
    Jan 🙂

  2. Karen Slama says

    Dr. Oz’s program of 9-18-12 ended before he told us what foods Metabolic Type C person should eat. I couldn’t find that information on his website or anywhere else. Please give us the complete results.

  3. Glenda Hoots says

    Tried to get to test but hung for long time and came back to this page. Think I am type B.
    Have been doing Weight Watchers. Before craved sweets and ate no fruit. Now eat Banana and apple in my oats everymorning and although has taken several months do not have cravings once had. However, like an alcoholic, if I ever take bite of something real sweet, one bite does not satifsy. Crave more. Use to not eat bread because thought was extra calories, but do on WW and that probably has helped to surpress the sweet cravings. Enjoyed the show and gained lot of info. I am 65 and my metabolism was shot. Not back to par yet but headed that way.

  4. Kathleen says

    Follow the link above from Pat Howard Sheryl and there will be info. or go to Dr. Oz site and go to the show video. There is the “test” there. It asks you a handful of questions and you will be able to tell if you are A, B, C. Hope this helps!!

  5. says

    hi my name is Bob Marley i am a man who lives in the Bahamas and i love to eat paint on a daily basis. and occasionally cats…. love Bob <3

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