Dr Oz: Alton Brown Weight Loss Superfoods To Lose 50 Pounds


Dr Oz: Alton Brown’s Diet

Doctor Oz spoke about Alton Brown’s Diet on today’s show.  Alton Brown, host of Iron Chef America, lost 50 lbs in the wake of his health issues. You can do it too. Read on for the list of must-have (and must-have not) foods Alton eats that helped him shed the weight and get healthy. It must work because he has kept his new slim self for over 2 years, so take notes!

Dr Oz: Alton Brown Food List

Superfoods To Eat Daily

– Dark leafy green vegetables Dr Oz Alton Brown Diet
– Nuts
– Carrots
– Green tea
– Whole grains (oats contain fiber to help keep you full, plus they help you drop your cholesterol levels)
– Fruit (grapes, apples, oranges – Fruits contain anti-oxidants and are a great source of Vitamin C)

Foods To Eat 3 Times Per Week

– Cauliflower
– Yogurt
– Broccoli
– Sweet potato
– Avocado
– Oily fish (sardines)
– Tofu



  1. says

    Thank you for this interesting diet Plan. I have COPD and cannot excrisce the way I would like and cannot walk a long distance as I end up huffing and puffing. I do walk up and down the stairs to my apartment almost every time I go out. I do watch your program almost every day. Although when you had the free give aways when the TV audience could long it seemed there was no place to enter to win something. I watch the program in the afternoon at 4:00 p.m est. on Fox 5.

  2. says

    In times past I had a special doctor who recognized that I had an adrenal gland problem. He put me on a herbal drink and I lost weight without making an effort since I already was eating right. So do you know what foods feed the adrenal glands to help one shed weight?
    The doctor I saw is no longer living and I cannot find a doctor that specializes in the same field he did to help me again lose weight by correcting my adrenal gland deficiency.

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