Dr Oz: Alton Brown’s Diet & His 50 Lb Weight Loss Story


Dr Oz: How Alton Brown Lost 50 lbs

On the Dr Oz Show today, Alton Brown, the host of Good Eats, sat down with Doctor Oz to discuss why he decided to lose 50lbs and how he did it. He showed Dr Oz the tapes of his past shows, when he was overweight. At that time, he felt like he looked like Marlon Brandon circa 1979 and was completely unhappy with his appearance. This was when he vowed to lose weight. Today, he is 50 lbs thinner and felt amazing. (He looked really good, too!)

Dr Oz: Alton Brown Diet

Alton stated that for him, it was very easy to slowly put on the weight and not even realize it. Dr Oz Alton Brown One day, you caught an image of yourself on television or in the mirror and you’re surprised by your appearance. He told Doctor Oz that he never even saw it coming. Dr Oz asked him if he felt as though he played a part in people being fat and Alton stated that he did feel somewhat responsible because of the food he cooked on his shows, however, he did not force feed people and people had to make their own choices. Alton told Dr Oz that when he ran into overweight fans, he tried to warn them about health issues, but that wasn’t normally what they wanted to hear upon meeting him. (I can imagine.)


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