Dr Oz: Anti-Inflammation O Diet & What Can You Eat On The O Diet?

By on April 10, 2014

Dr Oz: Radical New Diet To End Inflammation

What is the controversial new treatment that seems to be helping some patients end chronic diseases they have struggled with for years? Dr Oz and Dr Roshini Raj teamed up to talk about The O Diet.

The Oligoantigenic Diet, or The O Diet for short, has raised some eyebrows recently. Dr Roshini Raj said that it was initially created to help children who had unidentified food allergies. Now that gut inflammation has been linked to other ailments, such as Migraines, Asthma, Eczema, and gastrointestinal conditions, adult patients are trying it as well.

Dr Oz: Anti-Inflammation O Diet

Dr Oz: Anti-Inflammation O Diet & What Can You Eat On The O Diet?

Dr Oz highlighted a controversial but potentially effective plan to help patients with chronic illnesses through the O Diet, an aggressive elimination plan.

Dr Raj admitted that it is a very extreme elimination diet, cutting out most types of foods that trigger inflammation. That means there are not too many choices when mealtime comes.

Tasha, a patient who struggled with Migraines for nearly three decades, had tried alternative therapies and abortive medications, as well as more targeted elimination diets. She had six to 12 Migraines every month, no matter what she tried.

Dr Oz: O Diet Elimination Foods

What unexpected foods are eliminated on this plan? The list is surprising and includes:

  • Fruits
  • Wheat
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Chocolate

Dr Oz: What Can You Eat On The O Diet?

Dr Raj explained to Dr Oz that gut inflammation is a bigger problem than we might have thought, because 70% of the body’s immune system cells come from the gut. Taking away trigger foods that can set off inflammation or allergies can allow your body to rest and reset its natural balance.

What can you eat on the two-week beginning phase of this plan?

  • Water
  • Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sunflower Oil)
  • White Starches (Potatoes & White Rice)
  • Meat (anything but Chicken or Veal; Lamb is the least inflammatory)
  • Cruciferous Vegetables (Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower)
  • Fruits (limited to Apples, Bananas, and Pears)

Dr Oz: O Diet Chronic Illness Results

Tasha admitted that it was challenging to get started on her diet. But once she got into the plan, she was able to significantly reduce her Migraines, and may have found a lasting solution that will keep her from having those debilitating headaches.

Dr Raj told Dr Oz that you should slowly reintroduce foods one at a time after the first two weeks. Add a new food for three days to see how your body reacts. Continue to work your way down the list, but if something sets off your reactions, that might be something you need to be serious about avoiding permanently.

Dr Oz: O Diet Food Reintroduction

Tasha was able to add Eggs back into her diet, but she had problems when it came to Milk, so she has given that up for the foreseeable future. Though this diet may seem excessive, for those who suffer from chronic health problems and feel that they have run out of answers may want to give it a shot. Do you think you could stick to such a restrictive plan?

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