Dr. Oz: Are Some Dog Foods Dangerous? Can You Make Your Own Dog Food?


Dr. Oz: Dangerous Dog Food?

Dr. Oz talked about a recent class action lawsuit against a popular dog dry food, which they allege is responsible for poisoning thousands of dogs, many of the dogs suffering agonizing deaths.

The dog food contains propylene glycol, an FDA-approved additive that can also be used in anti-freeze. The suit alleges this is what poisoned the dogs. There’s also mycotoxins, which the dog food might possibly contain.

Dr. Oz: Which Dog Foods are Safe?

Dr. Oz: Are Some Dog Foods Dangerous? Can You Make Your Own Dog Food?

Dr. Oz talked about how to know whether your dog food is safe and the warning signs of a dog having a bad reaction to food. (alishav / flickr)



  1. says

    Hello Dr. Oz,

    I have raised Labrador retrievers for 15 years. For the past 5 years, I have coordinated the Kona Raw Pet Food Co-op that provides local grass-fed beef for members’ cats and dogs. My own 23 dogs are fed an entirely raw-meaty-bones diet. They are healthy, happy, and free of the allergies, digestive problems, and chronic debilitative diseases that plague dogs that are fed starchy, commercial pet foods.

    More than 240 people have joined the Kona Raw Co-op. I have heard the same story 200 times: dog has allergies (or other ailment); vet puts dog on anti-histamines, steroids, and limited ingredient diet. Dog does not get well; owner decides to try a raw-meaty-bones diet; dog gets well in a week or two. Dog thrives — his coat is great, and he acts like a happy, energetic dog.

    Dogs are 99.8% wolf, Dr. Oz. Think of what wolves eat; that is, whole prey. The raw-meaty-bones diet mimics a natural carnivore diet. Dogs and cats have short, highly acidic digestive tracts that handle bacteria very well. Gnawing meat off bones keeps their teeth clean and provides minerals in the diet..

    A raw-meaty-bones diet is exactly what dogs should be eating.

    Sandra Scarr, Ph.D.

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