Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners Risks – Metabolic Syndrome & Cancer Even!


Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners Dangers

How often do you use artificial sweeteners in your daily routine? I am drinking some in my coffee right now. Cutting out butter and sugar is supposed to be a healthy choice, but Dr Oz promised new information about the risks of these artificial products. Do sugar substitutes lead to weight gain? Do artificial sweeteners cause cancer?


  1. says

    Yes I have consumed way way too many artificial sweetners for years, have actually not used any for 1 week now, is there a way to help my system return to some level of normal, my metabolic rate is very, very slow?


  2. Julieanne says

    What about Stevia??? Also could this be linked with obesity increase over last years as well as increase in rates of Belly Fat vs. weight in general??

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