Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners & Sugar Substitutes Cause Bladder Damage?


Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners & Frequent Urination

Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners & Sugar Substitutes Cause Bladder Damage?

Dr Oz explained how Artificial Sweeteners & Sugar Substitutes Cause Bladder Damage by making the muscle hyperactive. Do you go to the bathroom too much?

We use artificial sweeteners as a way to reduce our sugar and caloric intake. But Dr Oz revealed that sugar substitutes cause Metabolic Syndrome and explained how artificial sweeteners are laxatives. He had even more bad news for fans of the diet trick: sugar substitutes could cause bladder damage.



  1. craig says

    For many years I have suffered from severe muscle spasms mainly in my calf muscles, this caused me to be woken 130 times per hour. After many years of going to doctors and being told I was fit and well I finally saw a sleep specialist who put me on medication which controls the spasms so that I can get some sleep. The spasms actualy lift my body off the bed when they occur
    I have been reading a lot about artificial sweetners and am wondering if they could be contributing to my problem as I have lots of diet drinks as well as all the diet foods

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