Dr. Oz: Beat Fatigue By Replacing Your Morning Coffee with Bone Broth


Dr. Oz: Bone Broth Benefits

Dr. Oz talked about how to fight fatigue with bone broth. A restaurant called Brodo is serving up bone broth in New York City instead of coffee. People Dr. Oz talked to on the street said it gave them lots of energy.

Broth is great for hair, skin, nails, and rebuilding the gut. It’s also delicious and nutritious. Registered dietician Esther Blum said that it’s a good source of hydration, easy to digest, helps your sleep at night, and gives you steady energy throughout the day.



  1. Janet Jilote says

    One of my favorite meals is Turkey Bone Soup ~
    This was usually made after Thanksgiving and often started that night. True comfort food.

    Another recipe was Tomato Beef Soup. Beef bones and stewed tomatoes.

  2. Rebecca Odom says

    Even on low my cock pot boils just a little once it gets hot. Is that ok or should I put it on warm if it starts to boil?

  3. Angela Davis says

    The only meat I eat is fish and seafood, can I use fish bones and get the same results.

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