Dr Oz: Belly Fat Diet & Big Butt Meal Plan with Dr Mark Liponis


Dr Oz: Hunter / Farmer Diet Solution

Have you tried several diet plans or attempted all the gimmicks out there to lose weight? (Join the club!) On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Dr. Mark Liponis, to reveal why those tactics haven’t worked for you. Dr. Liponis, the author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution, says before beginning a diet plan, you should find out which body type you have.  This is not the first time Dr Oz has done a show on Body Type Diets either.  You should also checkout these segments on a Big Butt Diet and a Big Belly Diet.

Dr Oz Hunter / Farmer Diet

Dr Oz spoke about the Body Type Diet and the Hunter vs the Farmer.

Dr. Liponis, MD has 20 years of research regarding losing weight. He told Dr Oz that different people have different results. There are people who put on belly fat and there are those that put on butt fat. Because of this, they lose weight differently.

Dr Oz: Apple Shape vs Pear Shape Body Type

There are two common body types, the Apple and the Pear shape. The Apple Shapes tend to carry more weight in the belly area and the Pear Shapes commonly carry weight in their butts.

Dr Oz put out a call to all big butt and big gut women and loaded them on a bus (coincidentally labeled “Big Butt Bus and Big Gut Bus) and brought them to the studio.

How to Find Out Your Body Type

1. What did you weigh at birth? Birth weight predicts where you’ll gain weight in life. If you were a smaller baby (7 lbs or less), you’ll put on belly fat. Larger babies (over 8 lbs) tend to put on butt fat.

2. How do you float if you’re lying in water? As we know, fat floats. If you have fat in your belly, your stomach will rise. If you have more butt/leg fat, your legs will float.

Dr Oz: Body Type Diet

Doctor Oz and Dr. Liponis put on the purple gloves to reveal the difference between belly and butt fat. For belly fat, the stress hormone is the cause you gain weight in that area. (Dr Oz showed belly fat and it was twisted and in long formation). Belly fat squishes all the tissues beneath you. (ie. aorta).

If you have a big butt, the fat is wrapped around your thighs. (Butt fat looked more like rectangular slabs). With butt fat, your reproductive organs may be wreaking havoc on your body.

Dr Oz: Belly Melting Meal Plan

Shantel, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she couldn’t stand her mid-section and wanted to know how to get rid of it once and for all. Dr. Liponis says the key to melt away belly fat is a high protein diet. Think the way a hunter would eat, and go for those foods. Those with a big belly tend to get hungry less often and have a better metabolism. You should fuel that metabolism with a turkey burger or chicken meatloaf. Mashed cauliflower is a good side.

Skip Breakfast?

As for breakfast, Dr. Liponis said you don’t necessarily need to eat breakfast. (Dr Oz was surprised by this statement.) Don’t force yourself to eat if you’re not hungry. Allow your appetite to be your guide. If you’re not hungry for breakfast, don’t eat because it will result in just extra calories.

Ice Cream Diet

For dessert, ice cream is acceptable. (Have the heavens just opened up?! Ice cream, really?!) Dr. Liponis said ice cream raises the hormone, serotonin. Ice cream contains protein and fat and is actually a better choice than sorbet, which is all sugar.

Dr Oz: Pomegranate Juice Belly Fat Diet

Pomegranate Juice is another option for those with big bellies. It’s not sweet, so it doesn’t contain too much sugar. It’s also loaded with anti-oxidants to help with inflammation, which is what big belly people tend to have a lot of.

Dr Oz: Butt Melting Meal Plan

For a big butt, Dr. Liponis says eat a diet high in carbs. When you put on more butt fat (the farmer type), you’re sensitive to insulin and therefore getting hungry often. Protein doesn’t do it for you. Your body wants carbohydrates. To maintain a healthy weight, eat more healthy carbs. (Think of foods a farmer grows, like grains, veggies and plants.)

The key to busting your butt is to eat smaller more frequent meals. Dr. Liponis actually suggested grazing and snacking for this diet. For instance, you can eat whole grain pancakes for breakfast, flatbread pizza for lunch and pasta for dinner. You need to fuel your appetite.

Dr Oz: Butt Blasting Drink

For a Butt Blasting Drink, skip dairy because it contains too much fat. Soy Milk has the perfect balance of carbs and protein and has a hormone factor to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

For a late night snack, try peanut butter on whole grain bread. Since butt fat can lower blood sugar, this snack will help stabilize it through the night.



  1. Kathy says

    What was the pills or natural food supplement that you are suppose to take? I remember it was $9.00 for the belly fat and $10.00 for the butt fat.

  2. says

    @ Kathy, I don’t remember the name for the belly but the butt was DIM.

    I liked the concept of that belly diet. I will try it. I was wondering if anyone could point me to the information about soy milk being good for warding off breast cancer. That was the statement made by Dr. Mark Liponis to the butt diet tester. That is so good if it’s true. Too bad it increases chances with fibroids. I LOVE soy milk, absolutely love it… It’s not worth having issues with fibroids. However soy milk gives me the protein that I need and crave. Not to mention I REALLY enjoy the taste. Almond milk totally lacks that and as much as I love almonds, the milk does nothing for me. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Oscar says

    @Busyb @Kathy

    The belly fat supplement is called chromium polynicotinate. I just ordered it from amazon. Cheapest supplement I’ve seen on Dr. Oz in ages. Cost $6.50 (FS) for a 3 month supply. Nature’s Bounty = brand.

    I’ve had the same issues with choosing milk. I used to drink Soy milk sweetened but when I saw Dr. Oz say not to eat anything with Evaporated Cane Juice, I stopped it. That’s when I switched to Almond Milk. Drank that for a while but didn’t realize it was sweetened. No wonder it tasted so good. I usually check the label, but made a mistake there that went on for a year. Switched to unsweetened almond milk, but now I switched back to the old skim milk. The problem is not just the taste, it’s the lack of protein. I’m not sure there’s an answer for you, Busyb. Coconut Milk has 1 gram of protein like Almond Milk does. Goat milk? Tried that? Or how about adding vanilla extract to skim milk?

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