Dr Oz: Big All Over Diet or Global Fat Diet: Jorge Cruise & Dr Ro


Dr Oz did a segment on Body Dilemma Diets and included a Global Fat Diet or a Big All Over Diet with Jorge Cruise, author of Belly Fat Cure, and Dr Rovenia Brock, a nutritionist.  If you have tried high protein diets, low carb diets, liquid only diets, diets where you eat less and exercise more, and still you cannot lose weight, Doctor Oz has some ideas for you!  There is something called Weight Loss Genetics which is the study of individual body types and determines where you will gain weight.  There are three basic body types: the Big Belly or Truncal Fat, the Big Butt, and the third body type that gets Big All Over.  Here are Dr Oz, Dr Ro Brock, and Jorge Cruise’s Global Fat Diet Plan and Big All Over Exercise Plan.  If you have a different body type, click here for the other Dr Oz Body Dilemma Diet: the Big Belly Diet, the Big Behind Diet, or the Big All Over Diet.

Dr Oz: Global Fat Diet

Dr Oz brought on a guest named Lori who said she has a big butt, big boobs, a big belly, and is just Big All Over.  She had no real Dr Oz Global Fat Workout issue with weight until she was in her 30’s and got pregnant and gained 57 pounds.  After she gave birth, she was able to lose some weight, but it kept coming back and now she is 100 pounds overweight.  She told Dr Oz that she starts off on the right track and makes good choices, but life gets in the way and she craves sugar and carbs.  Plus, chocolate and ice cream are always calling her name.  Sound familiar?  Here is the Global Fat Diet Plan:

Dr Oz: Big All Over Diet Plan

Dr Oz said that the obstacles for people who gain weight all over are the following:

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