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Dr Oz did a segment on Body Dilemma Diets and included a Big Behind Diet or a Big Butt Diet with Jorge Cruise, author of Belly Fat Cure, and Dr Rovenia Brock, a nutritionist.  If you have tried high protein diets, low carb diets, liquid only diets, diets where you eat less and exercise more, and still you cannot lose weight, Doctor Oz has some ideas for you!  There is something called Weight Loss Genetics which is the study of individual body types and determines where you will gain weight.  There are three basic body types: the Big Belly or Truncal Fat, the Big Butt, and the third body type that gets Big All Over.  Here are Dr Oz, Dr Ro Brock, and Jorge Cruise’s Big Butt Diet Plan and Big Behind Exercise Plan.  If you have a big butt and you have not read this yet, definitely check out Why Big Butts Are Good For You – it will definitely make you feel good about yourself!  If you have a different body type, click here for the other Dr Oz Body Dilemma Diet: the Big Belly Diet, the Big Behind Diet, or the Big All Over Diet.

Dr Oz: Big Behind Diet Plan

Dr Oz brought on a lady named Jacqueline who said that she hates her Big Behind and that she has too much junk in her trunk.  Dr Oz Big Behind Diet PlanShe has struggled to lose weight, but she has finally lost everything but the last 20 pounds – all of which she carries in her butt.  She has cut out carbs and sugar, but she cannot seem to get rid of the fat in her butt.

Dr Oz: What Causes Big Butts?

Dr Oz said there are three main obstacles that prevent someone with a big butt from losing weight there:


  1. kay says

    I use have a big butt ,thick legs, and big calves. Now, my legs got skinny and I dont have a butt any more, i wish i can get that all back. I think the reason this happened was because i had to wake up at 5:00 AM in the morning and didn’t eat untill 12:00 P.M and then later I would eat around 6:00 or 7:00 P.M @ times so i think that happened because I wasn’t eating well like I used to. Then I eating like I use to and now I have a gut on my stomach. And i don’t feel like I use to and i just hope to get the confidence I use to have back.

  2. judee says

    Can you tell me whata you were eating? and exercises? I am at a loss, i have the same, big butt, thick legs and big calves. Please help?

  3. Tlaly says

    I have 2 big butt with thin body. I feel ashamed when I need to weak jeans and dresses, as my body is not balanced. I’ve tried to reduced them but with no success. I join the gym though I’m unable to attend most of the time. Please help me, as I can’t walk properly.

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