Dr Oz: Big Belly Diet or Truncal Fat Diet: Jorge Cruise & Dr Ro


Dr Oz did a segment on Body Dilemma Diets and included a Big Belly Diet or a Truncal Fat Diet with Jorge Cruise, author of Belly Fat Cure, and Dr Rovenia Brock, a nutritionist.  If you have tried high protein diets, low carb diets, liquid only diets, diets where you eat less and exercise more, and still you cannot lose weight, Doctor Oz has some ideas for you!  There is something called Weight Loss Genetics which is the study of individual body types and determines where you will gain weight.  There are three basic body types: the Big Belly or Truncal Fat, the Big Butt, and the third body type that gets Big All Over.  Here are Dr Oz, Dr Ro Brock, and Jorge Cruise’s Big Belly Diet Plan and Truncal Fat Exercise Plan.  If you have a different body type, click here for the other Dr Oz Body Dilemma Diet: the Big Belly Diet, the Big Behind Diet, or the Big All Over Diet.

Dr Oz: Truncal Fat Diet Plan

Dr Oz brought on a guest named Lori who said that she hates her Big Belly.  She has been a yo-yo dieter in the past, but she always Dr Oz Big Belly Diet Plangains it all right back.  She acknowledges that she is not the best eater – eating things like bacon, egg, and cheese for breakfast and lots of takeout junk food.  She has had 2 c-section pregnancies and a hysterectomy.  But now she wants to know how to get rid of the belly fat once and for all.

Dr Oz: What Causes a Big Belly?

Dr Oz said that the following things are Big Belly Obstacles that you must overcome:


  1. Stefen says

    It would be very helpful for me to have a few pictures to demonstrate how to do the Belly Planks discribed above.

    Maybe I’m a bit dense but I find the directions give me no idea of how to do this exercise.

    I’ve had two friends read the discription and they too were not at all sure of how to preceed.

    I’ve just joined this site and I have be surprised at the areas that are, in my opinion, very poorly presented.

    It was mentioned that taking African Mango would give a boost to ones weight loss which is well and good but when I go online to investigate the product I find pages of the product without any idea if there is something special I am looking for.

    I was also surprised that of the 8 different brands of African Mango I investigated the reviews buy people who had purchased these products gave very poor outcomes from their use, I’d say that more than half of the responses I read found they experienced no noticable increase in weight loss from the use of African Mango.

    I am disapointed in my few experiences with your website.

    Thank you
    Stefen Reilly

  2. says

    Stefan, thank you for your feedback! We are the largest Dr Oz Fan Website, but we are only covering what Dr Oz says on his tv show or in other venues. I cannot promise whether or not African Mango really helps or not, all I can say is that Dr Oz said it was beneficial. As far as the exercise goes, it is super hard to describe exercises but we do our best. Let me try to explain it again to see if it helps. Basically, you want to balance the weight of your body on your forearm (the portion of your arm from your hand to your elbow) and your feet. First, lean on your forearm by placing your forearm on the seat of a chair (your elbow should be bent). Then place your feet on the ground on a diagonal so that your entire body is facing sideways and is straight like a plank. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and then repeat by doing the same thing on the other side of your body by using your other forearm. Hope this helps!

  3. Michelle says

    Regarding Stefen’s comment above, I’m afraid I have to agree. To the website administrator, your efforts are definitely applauded, and appreciated. However, it is hard to understand the description. Perhaps posting a picture, or drawing next time of the steps to the exercise would be more helpful.
    Thank you for being opern to the feedback! All the best in your endeavours.


  4. Michelle says

    Dr. Oz did a repeat of this show today. If anyone is still unsure of how to do it, tune in, and see how to do the plank exercise.

  5. iffy says

    Is it impossible to post a picture of this,the second description of the exercise is worse than the first.Someone could hurt themselves trying to do this,and doing it wrong can’t be good…

  6. spicy says

    Hi!! Thanks so much for posting this clip!! I love Dr. Oz and think that he does the world a great service with his tips and his passion for health. Thanks for your efforts in creating this website and continuing to promote this important message. In addition, I Googled belly plank exercises and found MANY websites with demonstrations that readers of this thread could easily access. Good luck to all in this fight!!

  7. nycpete says

    Those woman who have large bellies with good healthy weight everywhere else are cursed with the disposition that effects there health great & self esteem but they wouldn’t be considered overweight if they gained weight all over. They don’t eat a lot, in most cases. Therefore, it is hard for these women to follow the diet as described above. How about examples of some 400cal meals and suggestions.

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