Dr Oz: Biggest Anti-Aging Mistakes & Eating Chip Crumbs Weight Gain


Dr Oz: Do Not Wash Your Face in the Morning

Food  Dr. Oz is continuing to share some the most common mistakes many of us make that affect our health. He has a few food mistakes that can add up to about 12 pounds of weight gain every single year. Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? How about anti-aging mistakes? None of us want to age any faster than we need to, right? You might want to pay attention and listen to Dr. Oz’s advice to avoid these mistakes in your life.

Dr Oz: Food Mistakes – Licking the Peanut Butter off your Knife

While it might seem innocent to make your kids a peanut butter sandwich for lunch or dinner, Dr. Oz says there is something that many of us do that could be a huge mistake. He says that mistake is licking the peanut butter off the knife after you have made the sandwich. That little lick is about 80 calories of peanut butter and Dr. Oz says if you did that every day for a year it would equal and extra eight pounds.

Dr Oz: Food Mistakes – Eating the Leftover Chips at the Bottom of the Bag

Dr. Oz says that while many of us love to eat chips, whether potato chips or pita chips, there is a huge mistake that many of us are probably making when we are snacking. He says that if you like to get every last crumb at the bottom of the bag that adds up to an additional 70 calories or 2 pounds per year if you do this 2 times per week.

Dr Oz: Food Mistakes – Eating Last Little Bit of Macaroni & Cheese

Dr Oz: Biggest Anti-Aging Mistakes & Eating Chip Crumbs Weight Gain

Dr. Oz says that washing your face in the morning ages you by depleting essential oils in your skin, causing dryness and a dull appearance.


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