Dr Oz Binge Eating – Mom Attacked for Teaching Daughter To Binge

By on September 19, 2012

Dr Oz: Binge Eating Confrontation

Dr Oz talked with guests about their Binge Eating habits. Mary admitted that she taught her daughter Stephanie this destructive habit, but doesn’t know now how to help her get out of it. Dr Oz invited Stephanie to join the conversation and work toward healthier solutions.

Dr Oz Binge Eating - Mom Attacked for Teaching Daughter To Binge

Dr Oz met Stephanie, the daughter whom binge eating mom Mary taught this destructive habit; fellow binge eater & mom Kelly confronted Mary.

Stephanie said that she doesn’t think she’d be a Binge Eater if not for her mother’s influence. But they do spend time every day bonding over a table full of food that they admit is enough to feed an entire family.

Dr Oz: Binge Eating Daughter’s Weight Gain

She has mixed feelings about the habit, because sometimes the food does make her feel better. On the other hand, Stephanie feels bad about the negative consequences, such as weight gain. She does think that this common interest makes her feel closer to her mom, and admitted that more than half the time, she eats whether she’s hungry or not.

Stephanie’s mother, Mary, admitted that she weighs over 400 pounds. Stephanie admitted that she is afraid of having weight problems like her mother does. Mary said she didn’t know her daughter was already thinking about these things.

Dr Oz: Binge Eating Mom Attacked

Kelly, another binge eater who shared her story earlier in the show, is a mother who takes pains to hide her habit from her young children. She had something to say to Mary about passing the habit on to her daughter.

“It makes me angry. My biggest fear is that I’m going to bring my children into the picture. I don’t want that to happen. We’re supposed to be mothers. We’re supposed to do what’s best for our children,” Kelly said.

That’s why Kelly wants to get help, to keep this from happening to her daughter. A tearful Mary said that she didn’t want this to happen either, and wants better for Stephanie. She admitted that she is ready to ask for help.

What do you think about Kelly’s comments toward Mary? I understand where she is coming from, but as someone who admitted that she loses control of herself during a binge, maybe she should know best of all that it’s a hard habit to break.

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