Dr Oz: Blending Vs Juicing & Colorful Rainbow Juice Cleanse Foods


Dr Oz: The Rainbow Juice Cleanse To Boost Energy

Dr Oz’s guest not only thinks that the colors of the rainbow can have healing properties, but she also jokingly claimed to have invented the Green Drink (Dr Oz was happy to spar with her over that distinction, but it actually predates them both). Ginger Southall, author of The Rainbow Juice Cleanse, claims the plan offers plenty of benefits, such as:

  • more energy
  • weight loss
  • better digestion
  • change in taste buds
  • improved skin
  • mental clarity
  • emotional stability

“I encourage people to juice vegetables, not fruit,” Southall said. She also said that those who follow this program will benefit from an increase in phytonutrients. The best part is that you just start with one juice per day at the beginning of the cleanse.

Dr Oz: Color Your Health with Juices

Dr Oz: Blending Vs Juicing & Colorful Rainbow Juice Cleanse Foods

Ginger Southall showed Dr Oz how you can use the colors of the rainbow to improve your health through juicing on The Rainbow Juice Cleanse program. (enerva / flickr)


  1. says

    Hey Pat!

    Nice article!!! I just wanted you to know I am not the inventor of the Green Drink- that came WAY before my time, as I explain in my book. Dr. Oz and I were just joking around with each other! They cut out some of the footage, so it may not have come across fully.

    But thanks again for sharing the healthy eating and drinking info with you readers!

    I appreciate you!

    Eat and drink more veggies!

    -Dr. Ginger

  2. says

    Thanks for the clarification. I’ll make that more clear in the story. Thanks for reading this story, and for sharing your great advice!

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